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HAIKU is a new directory that is continually expanding. As a "human powered" directory created by people throughout the world, Haiku provides patterns of relevancy that search engines & algorithms cannot achieve. Our quality depends on the quality of our staff and volunteers. Please join us! If you would like to contribute your research and organization skills, please volunteer to be an editor. If you would like to add your original haiku, please read the guidelines for how to publish. If you would like to assist with any aspects of marketing, design, or other special projects, please read below about how you may contribute. HAIKU is a project of Onyx, a California based nonprofit organization dedicated to global literacy projects.
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in search, what wins?
patterns of relevancy
not algorithms

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If you wish to contribute to this project, there are no limits to the ways that you can use your talents to make a difference. Here is a list of available positions. If you have an idea for a position that is not listed here, please share it with us. All positions listed below are opportunities that can be pursued from any location. We are a nonprofit searching primarily for volunteers; if you are able to offer your services at a reduced hourly rate, please contact us as well.

To volunteer as an editor, please send us an email describing why you wish to be an editor at HAIKU, and in what ways you would like to contribute to the directory. Once you are approved, you can manage your preferred section. As an editor, you cannot cause any permanent harm when adding or changing information, as the site is designed to allow easy retrieval of earlier versions. You are welcome to add fresh links or original haiku, as long as they follow our policies and maintain appropriate quality standards.

We are looking for a web designer to help design a new interface for HAIKU.
We are looking for an editor to maintain a worldwide haiku events calendar. This role requires an ability to effectively discriminate between events that involve haiku only superficially versus events that are focused on haiku. We can only offer free promotion to the latter category of events.
We are looking for individuals who can contact haiku related websites, and invite them to network with us to help promote haiku events and activities throughout the world. If you are passionate about haiku, this is a wonderful way to meet other haiku artists and promoters.
We are looking for a senior editor to guide the expansion of all multicultural aspects of HAIKU. This role requires a passion for multicultural expression combined with exceptional talent for structuring and organizing information.
We are looking for an individual to help handle requests from websites that want to be included in HAIKU. A separate email account will be set up for you to screen these requests. You will assess the quality of the website, and verify that each website requesting a link within HAIKU also maintains an active link to HAIKU. This role requires an ability to assess website quality.