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  Top Pages

Favorite Love Poems


Anne Bradstreet

To My Dear and Loving Husband

We May Live Together

Anne Finch

To a Husband

Anne Sexton

The Big Heart

Anthony Kolos

An Entrapment

Anthony West


Things I Love About You

Ashley Borden

Perfection in my Eyes

Ashley Wilson

The Love Of My Life

Bobby Lincoln

What It Is You Do To Me

D. H. Lawrence

On the Balcony


I Carry Your Heart with Me

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

Elizabeth Akers Allen

At Last

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How Do I Love Thee?

Emily Dickinson

I Cannot Live With You

PROOF - That I did always love

He Touched Me, So I Live To Know

Federico Garcia Lorca

Sonnet Of The Sweet Complaint

Jennifer Frisk

The Flood's Promise

John Frederick Nims

Love Poem

Jonathan Ingold

Your My Everything

Karin Schaefer

A Promise To My Love

Through My Eyes

Karl Shapiro

Love for a Hand

Kellie Spehn

The Meaning

Lonely Shadow

First Time Love

Lord George Gordon Byron

She Walks In Beauty

Mark West

The Rose

Melissa Ann Berman

I Will Love You Anyways

Nicholas Gordon

I Am Afraid To Love, And Yet I Love You

I Never Thought I'd Fall in Love with You
I Don't Expect You Soon to Love Me

Oscar Wilde

We Are Made One with What We Touch and See

Pablo Neruda

I Crave Your Mouth, Your Voice, Your Hair

I Do Not Love You


Your Laughter

Pauline Hamblin

Loving Hearts Miles Apart

Peter Bester

I Asked

You and I

Rabindranath Tagore

Unending Love

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Give All to Love

Robert Penn Warren

True Love

Robert Burns

A Red, Red Rose

Robert Frost

Love And A Question

Robyn Fortney

You Are My Angel

Sandra McKendry

Be the woman your man adores and never wants to leave

Sidney Lanie

Evening Song

Sir Walter Raleigh

The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd

Stephen Foster

Beautiful Dreamer

Stewart Bradshaw

My Heart Believes In You

Sylvia Plath

Love Letter

Terence Inosanto

I Will Love You Forever

Vernett Kennedy

A True Dream

Vesta Sikora

Pledge of Love

Virginia Anne Weathers

You've Touched Me

William Butler Yeats

The Rose in the Deeps of his Heart


Anna M.Velez

Today I Wrote This From My Heart To You

Beckie Martel

The Hands Of Time

Brian Hudson

Never Before

Carl Sandburg


Christina Rossetti


Crystal Holtz

Broken Heart

Danielle Hodgkins

Good-byes Are Harder Than Hellos

John Seabrook

Missing You

Nicholas Gordon

I Do Not Know You Well, But What I Know

Although you are with someone else

Pablo Neruda

Here I Love You

Peggy Smith

Longing For You

Sarah Teasdale

The Flight

Sharon Catley



Alexander Pushkin

I Loved You

Alice Guerin Crist


Anne Bronte

A Reminiscence

Christina Georgina Rossetti


Coventry Patmore

A Farewell

Edgar Allen Poe

A Dream Within a Dream

Gary R. Hess

Disappearing Love

Helen Hunt Jackson

To an Absent Lover

Judy Burnette

Touch Yourself And You Touch Me

Lily Tchen

You Were Once

Lord Byron

When we two are parted

Michael Drayton

Farewell to Love

Mindy Carpenter

Courage To Move On!!

Morgan Le Fay

A Soul Saved, A Heart Broke

Oscar Wilde

Silentium Amoris (The Silence of Love)

Her Voice

Pablo Neruda

Tonight I can write the saddest lines

Robert Delucchi 

Lost Love

Sir Walter Raleigh

A Farewell False Love

Thomas Hardy

The Going

Tima Chavis

What Do They Know

Vera Brittain

Perhaps (To R.A.L.)

William Blake

Never seek to tell thy Love

your warmth disappeared 

your shadows left no traces 

my heart yearns for you