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music, 'round the globe

can be enjoyed, understood

universal thing 

Super Junior

heart, no longer dried and cold,

they have changed my life

allow me to know

how great His love is for me?

so life is a joy

Work and life conflicts

        Headache, disappointment, tears

               When will they stop it?

rustles in the dark 

branches crack; leaves say good-bye

the cycle goes on

Amendments are easy!

When things never go as planned,

re-write your own script.


Change is all you need.

Sometimes life can get you down,

will grass ever be green

Giggles warm my heart

Blue eyes peer into my soul

My very first love


Wind is on my cheek,

A color grows in my face

what does love feel like.

Existential time,

how the Earth starts to take shape.

Who Created This?


Hair like the oceans

with claws that could rend a man-

yet she is gentle

-Felicia                                        By: Red Lion 

Leaving darkness
The bright full moon
Descends beyond
The distant trees...

This lonely winter 
Bare branches cast dark shadows 
Upon the cold ground 

exansri Political

handsome nsuncilv

THIRD acxcia

-Lucas Warford

Cloud Sources Computing!

Non-Hierarchical Teams!

Hark! A doe mewls

-Lucas Warford

You gotta nail it

This is the game winning point

Be the man, teen-wolf!

-Lucas Warford




-Lucas Warford

Alone in forest

I cum on a spider web

Sad sticky spider

- Lucas Warford

Lion type beings

true creators of humankind -

there eyes emit Love

- Paschats                   by: Red Lion

There used to be beasts 

with the heads of animals -

and the bodies of men

- Helix                               by: Red Lion

Giants of blackness

forefathers of the Maya -

timekeepers of old

- Olmec                  by: Red Lion

My howls pierce the sky

we both stare at the same moon -

for a time, twin flames

- wolves.                        by: Red Lion



Alien beaches

purple sand like amethyst -

a blue Sun blazes

- offworld.              by: Red Lion

Goddess of the West

a beauty like no other -

her wings are hidden

- Amazon                         by: Red Lion

Outside sunshine

so inviting, so inviting;

sitting, thinking

Beach meets setting sun 

Passions kiss melds the couple

Is love eternal 

8/10/13 JIR

Stars in sky so bright

Fireball streaks across sky

Load crash hole in ground

8/10/13 JIR

Red buds open blooms 

Roses beauty swirls in love 

Dry pedals makes wine

8/10/13 JIR

Gray hair old and wise

Dreams of sun with moon in flight

Young bird fly from nest 

8/10/13 JIR

morning frost sparkles 

snow in pot makes hot rice soup 

cold sleep eternal 

8/10/13 JIR

chase mad goat from hut

picks up pants puts on dams goat 

all laugh cheering goat 

8/10/13 JIR

Without intent-

how the old fishing poles

rest against the wall

Don't really know how

to speak my truth with passion

like our eyes and lips

i count her footsteps

          ascending the stairs -

     she is not alone tonight

rain patters the window -

     my cat curled up

on blank sheets of paper

the yellow bow

     in her hair -

was it last august?

she holds his chin up

with a single finger tip -

the table is cleared


now a pair of wings

damp with morning dew -

i won't even look too hard

Bored to death with time,

Extraordinary find,

Ordinary mind.

Ice Cream Land

I want some ice cream

Travelling to Ice Cream Land,

to eat their ice cream.

Ice cream men are great

Vanilla, choc’late strawb’ry

Don’t forget pistachio!

I will eat their homes

I will meet their King and Queen

and I will eat them.

I’ll walk to the town

Where the parking meters stand...

They belong in mouth!

I’ll see the street signs

Put them in my pack for now

And eat them later

Ice cream family

Is having a nice picnic

I’ll eat all their food

I keep eating them

They’re really not fond of it

I’m their most wanted

Police will chase me

Because I ate the people

But they can’t catch me.

Summon your army

ALL your soldiers can’t kill me!

I’ll eat their bullets.

But nevertheless

I will always eat them up

even if I’m dead.


But, I’m not. So, ha!

Haven’t got a clue: now what?

My stomach is full

Sadly, although true

I really need to go back

To my home and bed

But grieve not, my friends!

I will be back tomorrow

To munch on what’s left

Winter morning walk

Buster, head on bed, glaring

Oh good, you are up

Kenya summer walk

Heavy footfalls approaching

Pride passes by

Lying in her bed

She hungers for his touch

Sultry summer heat

Eagle takes to flight

A snowshoe hare seeks shelter

The circle of life

Passionate desire

Moist, luscious, forest of love

Butterfly flutters

harvest moon

in field after field

cotton in full bloom


yellow butterfly

resting on a sunflower

warm day in autumn


attending the wake

of a friend dead at thirty

evening cicadas




onto a car roof


a leaf falls

and another

and another


an oak leaf


into an old pail

Sun on Face Haiku

Surrounded in warmth,

Eyes closed, the world held at bay,

Finding room for peace.

How my eyes track

the sounds I can not see;

this autumn eve



This lingering drought--

notice even the river

begging for water.



 Carelessly feeding,

how the hungry cat watches 

the school of carp 

The river

slowly disappearing--

still no rain

Delicate and bright

the flowering redbud tree:

memories of you.


This summer drought--

watching acorns falling

from the oak tree

This hot drought-

how the grass crunches

under foot!

We live on and on

We enjoy our great life now

And we sit all day

La piste d'envol

Bientôt de nouveaux sables

Goûter tous les grains

my dearest friend,

you have been gone for exactly a month.

but, it seems your spirit is still surrounding us!

Though life it short,

It is meaningful if/when one knows how to live it up,

Hence, appreciate it and enjoy it to its fullest!

My dearest friend, your sudden departure from among us left us speechless and surprised.  We are all sadden by your departure.  Peace be with you eternally!




Pokemon is Fun

Ash and Pikachoo are Cool

The Game is Awesome

Solitary flesh

Depression stalks barren soul

Spring sun sets anew

A hooting owl

hidden in the darkness-

this moonless night.


Delicate and bright

the flowering redbud tree:

memories of you

On the sidewalk

so many earthworms:

after the rain

After the rain--

passing the pine tree and

the mountain smell

How the wind gails-

overhead a hawk hovers


Floating downstream-

how the hickory leaf

refuses to sink!



Stinging of the wind

Fighting to hold on to warmth

A light on inside.



From the cloud filled sky:

a few snowflakes. From the park:

children’s gleeful shouts.

We walked down, We walked up. Few more miles. Yatri

Catch the mad hornet
That flew into your cornet
In my mom's bonnnet. 

darkness and coldness

childhood rememberance sober

with autumn morning

crazy forbidden thought

yet partners with me

Today a wren came...

did it see magnolia leaves

fall or redbuds bloom?


In bed this night--

the wind and thunder are

bad company


The spring sun--

asparagus sprouts pushing through

wet garden leaves.



Springtime gardening--

my hoe unearths weeds and worms

and an arrowhead.


In the garden--

The last bean stalk,

raked and burnt.


Haikus Are Simple

Five Seven And Five Syllables

You Can Make One Too

Computers Are Cool

They Give You Fun Things To Play

Just Like This Website

Tongue frozen to pole

Because you dared me my love

Wait, don't run away

Robed green, Scanty brown

We walk, our words intertwined

Branches that reach out

Stone Mountain am I

Slowly I die, chips and chinks

Stone babies have I

low spring clouds--

how newscasters and farmers

respect them



I notice my bulldog

watching faithfully


Her snoring

rythmic, steady, unending-

all night I listen


The Spring Robins--

do they know this dirty lump

was my snowman?


Is it waiting--

The cherry tree watching

the lilacs bloom?

This morning--

does my shadow

curse the clouds?


Love can bring such pain
You pack up part of your self
and give it away

Someone holds your heart
It's theirs to take or break
You live on their trust

And if it should slip
Your entire world falls apart
because of three words

I [can truly say]
Love [can destroy or create]
You [have to believe]


     -Just Shadow

Haiku by Ilinca Bernea


Frozen time of love
Like a standing wave
Like a boundless square...




Rising sun hidden
In the dust of past still shines
Through the dreams' hot wind




A savage snowfall
Your image like a deep trace
Cut into my soul


I’ve gained a mountain

At the lottery of stones

Once upon a time



Borderless sunset
Angels smiling through desert
Feeding my sunrise



Winter distant sun
My heaven captured in the
Summer rain silence



In the lake's mirror
Strange reflections of our lives
Bright and dark shadows


Wind and falling leaves
Our dreams going away
To nobody's land



My bleeding conscience
Covers in a painful breathe
The taste of your sin



Lights' rain beyond storm
Nothing changes for real

But somewhere inside...




Strange waving nature

Whispering leaves of the trees

Chasing the darkness




The violin's bow

touches the face of the sky

better than the wind



There is no false path

Only wrong steps following

The call of bad dreams



Goodness is no more

than the nature's symphony

whispered in the heart



A flying machine

can have wings, can cross the sky

but never can sing



Butterflies don‘t dies

they are as eternal as

everlasting dreams


Each stone of the road

has been part of the body

of a big mountain




the starry night‘s peace

follows our destinies

like a magic lamp




is this a shadow

or the spirit of eagle

dancing with the clouds?




the soul's change of skin

tastes sometimes like grief or death

springtime comes with mud


night of december

with no stars to beseech for

a bright destiny



is this a counter

for the bitterness of life

or just november?



somehow is early

somehow is late somehow is

just the right moment                   



today we are one

beyond sorrow and restless

gathered in a pray



the autumn gets dressed

in yellow green red purple

but its heart is gray



the salt of the earth

in not under the ground's skin

but into the sky




The trees are sometimes

As proud of the rain as men

of their conquests



Read the signs of time

in the shapes of the nature

the present is dust

I hate New Mexico

The Land of Entrapment,

I Hope You all Die.

searching mother
in the thickening dark:
the tree stands



musky perfume

open unsleeping eyes--

drowsy sweetness



he sits on prayer mat

to read the evening namaz

but the lamp snuffed out



naked walls

await someone to hang

a painting



time to talk

to the inner child--

baby sitting



leaves fall

wearing more layers--

flu season




                                       *:*    *:"   *:*    the wink a link

                                                     rose red blush

                                                     school girl crush


                                                   ~~ ;) Julia Rose ;)~~

Lives burned through time, has much to persuade us.

If only we could hear and not listen, then perhaps?


What is our coda going to be?  

Are we destined to flow virtually into seething disconnection? 


Is it possible to supplant the anger and hatred of pain and suffering,

with love and compassion for those who are in pain, and suffer?


The people in the world of power’s embrace, distort the universe’s spirit-

inured to the pain and suffering of others.


What is our coda going to be? 

The Sun, not yet set.


DrJoeB55-Unfinished 11-13-10

Rain “    “

 “      “    “    “

 “    “


Time, s p a c e, set.

Seeking; sitting.

Sum mere awareness?


(-) + (-)

Faulty perceptions.


(+) + (+)




Our world is divided-

Unfortunately; not evenly.




 View blurred; Karma debt.


    Blissful clarity.


waters blue

dark an gray-full rot

sorrows tear

~~Julia Rose~~

mornings boat 

net filled with air


~~Julia Rose~~

sea tides crash

warm sand make love


~~Julia Rose~~

beauty arround

open eyes wide look

joy life

~~Julia Rose~~

sunset water myst 

dragons eyes sweeping glow

souls rest

~~Julia Rose~~


sunburst sky winters bite

leaves flutter to ground

beauty in secounds

~~Julia Rose~~

Flakes of snow

ice drops frozen cold wind blows

log on fire

~~Julia Rose~~

sunset waters sparkle

sea guuls at rest salt misty spary

love on the beach

~~Julia Rose~~

green fields

blankets of snow hemlocks bow

deer in snow

~~Julia Rose~~

garden path

cherry blossoms fish danceing

day full rest

~~Julia Rose~~

Heart in eyes

Moonlight sky life wounderful

Joyful tears

~~Julia Rose~~

sunrise path

honeysuckles warm wind

water for day

~~Julia Rose~~

world one voice

stands in dark mountains of flashlights

batteries gone

~~Julia Rose~~

Humanity peace

book empty pages voicelss screams

blood tears fall

~~Julia Rose~~

Pole in hand dinner in pan

a little sake warming bed

slumbers night

~~Julia Rose~~

flower blooms

dies and falls sorrow drowns

heart alone


~~Julia Rose~~

A blossom falls

tears make lake fruitful surprise

 life restarts


~~Julia Rose~~



Feed Mind Body Good

Daily Life Dosage Varies

Cleansing Spirit Pure!



Deaf man paints canvas

Speechless bliss ecstatic chats

His art speaks in sounds



One thing that faze me

One switch One hand One ill man

Flip evil to live!



Scanning Stations all

Tasteless Deejay Overkill

What used to be Bomb!



Best Chlorenergy™!

Feed mind body and spirit

C'est Si Bon for Life!




Cheers to my vital organs

C'est Si Bon for Life!


                                Yumi Mountain™ 

haiku fever burns

poet and lunatic moon

secret eye to eye


in the fields sun sets

heavy feet to carry them

laborers march home


baby chick, eyes closed

roadside, fetal position,

bond to Mother Earth


siesta at the beach

sun-reddened eyes lulled by waves

time is forgotten


ocean breaths in, out

waves crumble on edge of shore

castles turn to sand


night veils a village

Angelus bells call children

on streets-- hurry home!


night creeps on hilltop

ghostly clouds haunt the sky

dog howls at full moon


playful sea breeze strums

the wrinkles on ocean's face

sailboats dance ballet


shy June petunia

softly shadowed by maple

moon tries to find her


near the hog farm on

highway eighteen, smell of stinky

money hangs in air


Bright yellow peeking

through a driveway pavement crack.

Hi, dandelion!


in the maple tree

outside my window-- chirping

cracks a dawning day


long-awaited rain

causes spring to color, but

collapses peonies


heat waves steam on streets

asphalt sticks to flipflop soles

walking disaster


a dead maple branch

surrenders to savage storm

suffers second death


arrowhead of geese

darts across October sky

summer dust behind


gallant white lilies

'round Mary's statue guard, swords

dangle on fake pond


two withered roses

desert in their eyes, warn me:

beauty passes by


rusty engines sleep

ripples on rain-filled pit lull

rocks skip on water


a bed of rainbow

a pig-tailed lady chases

yellow butterfly


busy earth juggles

two spheres-- one silver, one gold

day in and day out


angels pillow fight

flaky dust rain from heavens

kids stick their tongues out


woods-- night in her hair

snow on her skin glimmers as

white moon passes by


ninety-five degrees

sweating tree by riverbank

diving position

 Josie Hibbing


Shooting star at night

Crosses the sky, changing course

Vents blue plasma stream



Life is everywhere

You can't miss it, in the end,

It will not miss you



The sun sets slowly

God's fingers caress the clouds

Joyfully they blush



Wiping his face
under the umbrella
an old man with books


Seeing eye

of the vacuum--

ocean waves



A  lone leaf

fallen in puddle

seeks shelter



Hearing him talk dung

she doubts his integrity--

stomach upset



Weeds among the grass

Grow many colored flowers

Rough, un-cut diamonds

Let Darkness come oh swift, and heavy

For the Light shines brighter

In Dark then in Day...

moon go sleep


with a clouds



umberlaa under

comes rain

with little...little...


++otteri selvakumar

sun fighted


rain coms...


                                                                                                  ++OTTERI SELVAKUMAR

Pausing between bites
on the guava tree
the parrots



Spring returns:
autumn in my courtyard



Two butterflies rest
on the butterfly tattooed
on her sunning back



Her shapely figure
in orange blouse and blue jeans
strained at the hips



To reach the branch
raising her other arm--
twisted hibiscus



Days after the 'quake
staring at the rubble--
a homeless widow



Swiftly passes by
a yellow snake on the grass---
moistened trail of love



Tastier my tea
with her one sip
I keep the cup



Writing with strands of
watery hair on her bare back
a love haiku



Twenty nine years in
a vat, yet not ready for
feelings of old age



A mist covers
the valley of her body
leaves memories



swings wantonly
a dried leaf hanging by
the spider's thread



Making lemon tea
and warm buttery toast--
birds singing outside



Red with shame
the sky at sunrise
her new kiss



Not a day without
begging gods to solve problems--
faith in helplessness



Silent mosquitoes
flying over my body
slap hands together



Empty mailbox
nightmarish loneliness
search continues




This haiku inside

it wants to be written

so I let it go

Lonely  sunrise

birds flying away in search

for worms in ash



Angels whisper

when sleepless I look up--

a bad rap




her silence:

cold of the bed



at sea front, hearing

empty waves


Beer in hand

over the bones of thousands

boasting peace



New here , help please....

City suburb

The sun rises from behind

the abandoned factory



Funeral procession

Midday wind sweeps the leaves

into the grave



8 O'Clock AM

another long ,boring

working day begins the TV



It continuous to snow

Everything turning into white

but our  shadows



To the forest

the hunters just leaved

are flying birds



Resting on my breast

Cheap beads - purple, gold and green

Joyeux Mardi Gras

the times

coiled roll

goodbye my fly


Do you love them enough

To let it go.

-Witch Pen

goodnight trees...and grass

can you curse in haiku?

probably not. fuck

fatigue has a fire

that burns with indifference

thought is gasoline

impending winter

fall is just the messenger

that I want to shoot

Feel it in your bones

Fall rushes in on the wind

Ushering winter

Blizzard of the night

Whispers of fear in your soul

Dawn you will not see

Winter breeze is here

Whispering death in the air

You will soon be naught

"Ignorance is bliss"

Said the joker to the fool

Truth is said in jest

Leaves cry as they fall

Crimson and golden and brown

We will soon be dead

like science fiction

dark matter passes through us

quiet universe


buckled old sidewalk

this may be the last summer

thirsty old maple

get off the front porch

no matter how hard I try

Ants on the front porch 

hot, hazy, early morning

singing off in the distance

one confused locus

oddly beautiful

divided by power lines

one hundred foot tall tree


summer is closing

wasted water on dead grass

hurry september

the sweating sunset

finds the ocean still moving

with ghost pelicans

some rainy rainy,

where is the sunny sunny,

gone when i need it

more than life size


flash at time square



running fast in bellies

recession time


real time serials

move away

from factual things


You have a new life

Love and joy into your life

Towards your bright day

Tornado sirens!
Mama says:"Ya'll be prepared."
Get clean skivvies on!

thunderstorms all night
rain pounding on the windows
better than cardboard

Garaki A new way for posting your free classifieds

Out in the garden

Claiming to love all nature,

I still pull the weeds

Laughter of a child

The barking of joyous dogs:

I have found the park!

The drooping tulips

Useless? great hats for many

Little ducklings

Tired of writing

I think I will sleep with worms...

To dream of apples

Lemon Blossoms

Ferment and bitter with age:

Do they Learn their fate?

Worlds gently collide

Where left is right up is down

There reflection rules

Storm fathered rainbows

Rest on misty fading clouds

Too soon disappear

Plants dry to the roots

Not even a drop of rain

To save the nature


no body dropped

the netting

came thrice

got nothing

only goodbyes

blue bottles

white bottles

water within

The hand that plays the guitar

One two three four five

bees over a wooden hive

my sorrow stinging


 Haiku (best haiku)

seen for the moments.

brisk imprints absorb the mind.

clouds the best haikus.

Fall is an archer

shooting arrows of white birds

at melancholy.

Haiku (balanced buoyancy)

a log in the stream.
a man stood on its corner.
the hollow log floats.