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     Academy of American Poets
     Active Anthology of Verse
     Advanced Poetry Management
     Alfred Lord Tennyson's Poetry
     Almost Drowning
     American Poems
     American Verse Project
     An Anthology of Metered Poetry
     Ancient Nile (Egyptian Love Poems)
     Anthology of Middle English Literature
     Anthology of Modern American Poetry
     Anthology of Poetry
     Anthology of Poetry (Web)
     Anthology of Poetry and Art    
     Baseball Poetry
     Big Bridge
     Bilingual Anthology of Russian Verse
     Blupete Poetry Pick
     British Women Romantic Poets
     Canadian Poetry
     Canadian Poetry Archive                                                         
     Civil War Potpourri
     Classic Romantic Love Poems
     Classical Chinese Poetry
     Collection of Poems from the Heart
     Collections of Poems by English Poets
     Divine Way of Spiritual Heart
     Early Stuart Libels
     Electronic Poetry Center
     Electronic Text Center
     Eric Ode
     Eserver Poetry Collection
     Family Friend Poems
     Family Fun Shop
     Famous Poets and Poems
     Father Goose Charles Ghigna
     First World War
     Football Poets
     Giggle, Giggle, Snicker, Laugh!
     Golden Age Spanish Sonnets
     Heart Lodge
     Home of the World's Greatest Poems
     Isle of Lesbos
     Italian War Poetry
     Janet S. Wong
     Johannes Beilharz
     Kansas Poets
     Knowing Poe
     Kristine O'Connell George
     Light & Dust Anthology of Poetry
     Little Anthology of Love Poems
     Little Poetry
     Love Poems And Quotes
     Magi Xarts
     Mountain Songs
     New Zealand Collection
     Norton Poets Online
     Old Mountain Press
     Online Anthology
     Passage Through August
     Passions In Poetry
     Patrick Martin's Poetry Resource
     Poem and Poet
     Poems & Quotes
     Poems and Poetry
     Poems by Rumi
     Poet Laureate
     Poet Laureate Map of Canada
     Poet Seers
     Poet's Corner
     Poetry Archive
     Poetry Archives
     Poetry Bone
     Poetry Daily
     Poetry For Life
     Poetry Foundation
     Poetry in Motion
     Poetry in Translation
     Poetry International Web
     Poetry Kit
     Poetry of Kansas                
     Poetry of the First World War
     Poetry Poem
     Poetry Scriber
     Poetry Searcher
     Poets Against War
     Poets' Corner
     Portable Poetry
     Puritan and Reformed Writings
     Quotes and Poem
     Representative Poetry Online
     Rhysling Award Anthology
     Shadow Poetry
     Sleep of Grass
     Small Anthology of Poems
     Southend Poetry Group
     Titanic Operas
     Twentieth Century Mexican Poetry
     Twentieth-century Poetry in English
     War Poetry Web Site
     We Love Poems
     Writer's Almanac
     Young Poets
     100 Poems by 100 Poets (Japan)
     Arbol Veloz  (Uruguay)
     Art of Europe
     Bulgarian Poetry Archive
     Canadian Poetry Archive
     CAPA (Contemporary American Poetry Archive)
     Contemporary Greek Poetry
     Dutch Poets from Epibreren
     Every Poet
     Experimental Poetry
     Garden of Poetry
     House of Poetry
     Irish Poetry
     Italian Literature
     Lithuanian Poetry
     Lodge of Dancing Leaves
     Lost Poets
     Native American Poetry
     Old Poetry
     Persian Poetic Art
     Poetry International Web
     Poetry X
     Read Book Online
     Scottish Poetry Library
     Urdu Poetry Portal (Urdu & Hindu)
     Write Spirit
     10th Annual VIVA Show Visual Poetry
     Audio & Video Poetry
     Audio Vault
     Aaron Marcus
     Aesthetics Of Visual Poetry, 1914-1928
     An American Foray into Catalan Poetry
     Audio & Video (Poets. Org)
     Audio Anthology of Lyrical Poetry
     Audio Books - Human Read
     Audio Books - Poetry (Open Culture)
     Audio By Genre Poetry
     Audio Items (Communication And Information)
     Audio Poetry (NIN Remixes)
     Audio Poetry (Pakurdu)
     Audio Poetry (Pluggd.Tv)
     Audio Poetry (
     Audio Recordings Of Poetry
     Audio Resources Literature
     Big Bang faerie
     Calligramme -Visual Poetry
     Chicken Poultry
     City Between Visual Poetry And Idealized Reality
     Classic Poetry Aloud
     Cloudy Day Art - Poetry Podcast
     Comic Theory 101: Visual Poetry
     Concrete Poetry
     Conrad Aiken Studies Journal
     Country Dog - Visual Poetry (2007)
     Creator And Catalyst: Audio Poetry
     Cyclops Press
     David - Baptiste Chirot
     Dbqp: Visualizing Poetics
     Deep Audio
     Despre Visual Poetry
     Digital Poetry
     Dubai International Poetry Festival
     Elizabeth Alexander
     Emile Autumn (Audio Poetry)
     E-Poetry 2001
     Hans Braumoller: Paintings, Virtual And Visual Poetry
     Holloway Series In Poetry
     Illinois Poet Laureate
     IPOems (57 Productions)
     Iranian Artist Seyed Alavi Illuminates Language At SSU
     Jeebonjuddho (Struggle Of Life) Theories: Visual Poetry
     Katz Forum
     Kevin Stein's Poetry & Commentary
     Lament To The Spirit Of War
     Langston Hughes - Poetry Audio
     Listen Again / Listen Live
     Listen To My Poetry (Fizzy Funny Fuzzy)
     Listening Booth (Poets.Org)
     Visual Poetry (Magic Iconism)
     Media Poetry
     Metal Insects Trying To Communicate
     Miami Viz
     Mindscape In Cyberspace
     Music Center (Cnet Asia's)
     Negro Speaks Of River's
     Our Own Voice
     Paul Bruner's Visual Poetry in Nova Caesarea
     Peacock Dance, A Visual Poetry
     People's Poetry Gathering
     Pepc Library
     Peter Finch Visual Poetry
     Poetic Sound: Audio Art, Music, And Poetry
     Poetry Foundation
     Poetry As HeartBit
     Poetry Audio (Coach House Books)
     Poetry Audio Library
     Poetry Audio Links
     Poetry Center
     Poetry Collection Volume One
     Poetry Free Audio & Video
     Poetry International Web
     Poetry of VietNam
     Poetry On Audio (Washington Post)
     Poetry Quartets
     Poetry Versus Prose: A Visual Experiment
     Poetry X Radio Podcast
     Poets Perform Their Own Work
     Punjabi Poetry Audio
     Rarindra Prakarsa Visual Poetry
     Rattle Poetry Prize
     ReadNex Poetry Squad
     Recited Audio Poems Of Alison Stormwolf
     Reely's Poetry Pages
     Sackner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry
     Send Audio Poetry To Your Cell
     Shaker Visual Poetry
     Sherry Chandler
     Showcase Of Visual Poetry
     Stan Brakhage Mothlight 1963
     Street To Studio
     Tags: 'Visual Poetry'
     Three Visual Poems Michael Basinski
     Treasured Portraits Visual Poetry
     Twelve Senses
     University Of Arizona Poetry Center
     Unstruck Drum Of Eternity
     Visual Poetry By Bob Cabbin
     Vispo Langu(im)age
     Visual Mapping Of Poetry
     Visual Poetics
     Visual Poetry (Cool Hunting)
     Visual Poetry - Visual poem, 1969
     Visual Poetry (Alex Chiu)
     Visual Poetry (Contemporary Art From Italy)
     Visual Poetry (Digital Craft.Org)
     Visual Poetry (Esnips)
     Visual Poetry (Flickr)
     Visual Poetry (RICK McDowel)
     Visual Poetry (Vimeo)
     Visual Poetry (Webshots Outdoors)
     Visual Poetry At The Millenium Gallery
     Visual Poetry In Movement
     Visual Poetry Lalithaa Krishnan
     Visual Poetry Of Alice Teichert
     Visual Poetry On Adi Sankara
     Visual Poetry Re Launches
     Visual Poetry. Spotlight And Discussion
     Visual Poetry: Dripping Sins
     Visual Rhetoric
     VQR Poetry Series Reading Audio
     Wired For Books (Poetry Online)
     Word Project
     Workshop De La Scripturalite
: BLOGS (Poetry Blogs: 200+)
: CHILDREN POETRY (By Themes: 200+)
     Hoover Web Design
     Japan Poem
          2008 Field Poetry Prize
          2nd Annual Yellowwood Poetry Prize
          Adam Zagajewski
          Alice Shapiro and David Axelrod
          Ana Elsner At The Randall
          Andres Montoya Poetry Prize
          Anne Carson
          Asheville Wordfest
          Ask Your Mama by Langston Hughes (Carnegie Hall)
          Barry Wallenstein
          Bellevue Literary Review Poetry & Prose Reading
          Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award
          Carol Cullar and Michael Hoerman
          Cave Canem Celebrates National Poetry Month
          Celebration of New European Poets
          Christian Hawkey
          Cleopatra Mathis
          Coleman Barks
          Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference
          Columbia New Poetry
          Commentary Series
          Deborah J. Hunter
          Donald Hall, Poetry & Music
          Ellen Bryant Voigt
          Field Magazine 40th Anniversary Reading
          Frances Richey, Akilah Oliver and Others
          George Northrup and Barbara Reiher-Meyers
          Heather McHugh
          Jorie Graham
          Kevin Prufer
          Los Altos High School Poetry Performance Competition
          Marc J. Straus
          Mark Doty
          Mark Hillringhouse
          Mary Jo Bang, Catherine Barnett & Noelle Kocot
          Maurice Manning, Sabrina Orah Mark & Jeffrey Yang
          Michael Harper and A.B. Spellman
          Michael Heller and Burt Kimmelman
          Nathalie Handal and Tina Chang
          National Association for Poetry Therapy Conference
          New Poetry Events for '07
          Norbert Krapf
          Paul Violi
          Poems Downtown
          Poetry & The Creative Mind
          Poetry and Choices
          Poetry Events With Chuck Rybak
          Poetry in the Garden
          Poetry Initiative Events
          Poetry Under the Stars
          Poetry: Events
          Professor of Poetry Events
          Pulsating Poets International
          Rimbaud and Verlaine
          Robert Creeley Award Reading
          Robert Pinsky
          Robert Riche
          Rodney Torreson
          Rosanna Warren (Translation and Literary Selfhood)
          Sandhill Crane Migration Literary Retreat and Festival
          Second Annual Pocket Poem Giveaway
          Sharmagne Leland-St. John
          Sharon Olds
          Special Poetry Events
          Spud Poets Award
          Tad Richards
          Tiferet Journal Reading
          Tony Mancus, Myronn Hardy, and Jess Mynes
          Tribute to Jack Gilbert
          Tribute to Reginald Shepherd
          Victorian Open Bush Poetry Championships
          11th Poetry Africa International Poetry Festival
          13th Havana's International Poetry Festival
          2008 Broken Hill Poetry Festival
          2009 Forrest Poetry Fest
          3rd Fajr International Poetry Festival
          3rd London Poetry Festival 2007
          8th Annual Poetry, Prose and Arts Festival
          APC Regional Poetry Festival
          Austin International Poetry Festival
          Australian Poetry Festival
          Autumn Poetry Festival
          BC Hosts Annual Poetry Festival
          Beall Poetry Festival
          Boston National Poetry Festival 2007
          Bristol Poetry Festival
          Calgary International Spoken Word Festival
          Children's Poetry Festival 2006
          Cuisle Limerick Poetry Festival
          DLR Poetry Now '09 International Poetry Festival
          Dodge Poetry Festival
          Douglas Goetsch
          Dubai International Poetry Festival 2009
          Dunedoo Bush Poetry Festival
          Edmonton Poetry Festival Approaches
          E-Poetry Festival (Barcelona)
          Essex Poetry Festival
          European Poetry Festival
          First Annual Poetry Festival Altadena
          First China Poetry Festival
          Fourteenth Annual World of Words Poetry Festival
          Fourth Annual DC Poetry Festival
          Franco-Anglais Poetry Festival Comes to Melbourne
          Genoa Poetry Festival
          Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival
          Glastonbury Festival
          Goldenrod Poetry Festival
          Jackson Heights Poetry Festival
          Katie Ford
          L.A. Poetry Festival Spotlight on Santa Fe
          Ledbury Poetry Festival
          Limestone Dust Poetry Festival
          Lucille Clifton Kicks off Skagit Valley Poetry Festival
          Main Street Poetry Festival
          Mass Poetry Festival Bows in Lowell
          Medellín International Poetry Festival
          Montreal Public Poetry Festival
          Montreal Zen Poetry Festival
          Montserrat Poetry Festival
          National Poetry Festival Begins at DU
          Nice Holds March Poetry Festival
          Nick Flynn at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival
          Nissan Poetry Festival at Maghar
          Nordic Poetry Festival
          Overload Poetry Festival
          Oxfam Winter Poetry Festival 2009
          Pacifica Poetry Festival
          Parkmont Poetry Festival
          Poetry and Literary Festival Summer 2009
          Poetry Competition
          Poetry Festival
          Poetry Festival (Diane Lockward)
          Poetry Festival in Suffolk
          Rich Fare Continues at Poetry Festival
          Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival
          Robert Frost Poetry Festival
          San Francisco International Poetry Festival
          Sarah Lawrence College 6th Annual Poetry Festival
          Seattle Poetry Festival
          Shaar International Poetry Festival
          Silverton Poetry Festival 2008
          Simmons Festival Taps Poetry (Bridge to Chinese Culture)
          Sixth Annual Poetry Festival
          Spier Poetry Festival
          StAnza: Scotland's Poetry Festival
          Stillwater Poetry Festival - Sample Poems
          Stratford-Upon-Avon Poetry Festival
          Strokestown International Poetry Festival
          Sunken Garden Poetry Festival
          Taipei Poetry Festival
          Tasmanian Poetry Festival
          Tercets of Trnovo Poetry Festival
          Terry Plunkett Maine Poetry Festival
          Third Annual Kite Festival Poetry Contest
          Third Annual Roque Bluffs Poetry Festival
          Trois Rivieres International Poetry Festival
          Tucson Poetry Festival
          Turks and Caicos Music and Poetry Festival
          Venezuela's World Poetry Festival
          WA Spring Poetry Festival
          Wei Ming Poetry Festival
          Welcome to London Poetry Festival
          West Coast Poetry Festival
          Whitehorse Poetry Festival 2009
          Winter Warmer Festival
          Woodstock Poetry Festival
          WPA Spring Poetry Festival
          Yellow Mountain Poetry Festival
          (Virtual) Poetry Slam
          13th Annual Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam
          1st Annual Youth Poetry Slam
          2009 DFW Youth Poetry Slam
          Annual Going West Poetry Slam
          Berkely Poetry Slam
          Cal Poetry Team Slams To Victory
          CNM Poetry Slam
          Courtney Meredith Wins Going West Poetry Slam
          Festival Poetry Slams
          Fort Worth National Poetry Slams
          Galway Arts Centre Poetry Slam
          Geeks of the Poetry Slam
          Go Green! Teen Poetry Slam
          International Youth Poetry Slam Festival
          Junkyard Ghost Revival Brings Slam Poetry to Powell
          KL Poetry Slam
          Knicks Poetry Slam Program is Everywhere
          LMS Student Wins Poetry Slam
          Louder Than Life Youth Poetry Slam 2009
          Main Street Stage Hosts Poetry Slam
          National Collegiate Poetry Slam
          National Poetry Slam: Bravos Edition (Director's Cut)
          Perth Poetry Slam
          Poetry Slam
          Poetry Slam (Communities Online)
          Poetry Slam (Teen Poetry Contest)
          Poetry Slam a Smash
          Poetry Slam Commemorates MLK Jr.
          Poetry Slams Back Into Melville
          Siren Slam
          Slam Jammin' Poetry Slam! Two
          Slam Poetry, Rowdy and Growing
          Slamcharlotte Poetry Slam
          Slammin' Verses
          Solstice Poetry Slam in the Ozarks
          Speakout! Youth Poetry Slam
          Teen Poetry Slam
          Teen Poetry Slam (Boston)
          Teen Poetry Slam (
          Vallejo Teen Poetry Slam
          Vancouver Poetry Slam
          Youth Poetry Slam    
      100 Best Poems
      Akoot - Famous Writers
      Amanda's Page
      Black Dog's Poetry
      Casa Poema
      Early Drafts of Famous Poems
      Famous American Poems
      Famous Christmas Poems
      Famous Eater Poem
      Famous Father's Day Poems
      Famous Friendship Poems
      Famous Friendship poems (123 Friendship)
      Famous Friendship Poems (Famous Friendship Quotes)
      Famous Friendship Poems (My Dear Valentine)
      Famous Funeral Poems
      Famous Love and Romance Poetry
      Famous Love Poems
      Famous Love Poems and Stories Behind Them
      Famous Love Poems (Advice Diva)
      Famous Love Poems (Only Love Poems)
      Famous Love Poems and what they mean
      Famous Poems
      Famous Poems (123 Love Poems)
      Famous Poems (Advice From Moms)
      Famous Poems (Best Quote Poems)
      Famous Poems (Memorable Quotation)
      Famous Poems (Orble)
      Famous Poems (Poems and Poetry)
      Famous Poems (Poems.Md)
      Famous Poems (Poetry Soup)
      Famous Poems about Love
      Famous Poems and Verses
      Famous Poems by Famous Poets
      Famous Poems by Famous Poets (Love The Poem)
      Famous Poems from Great Writers
      Famous Poems Library
      Famous Poems Rewritten as Limericks
      Famous Poetry Online
      Famous Poets and Poems
      Famous Published Love Poems
      Famous Quotes and Poems
      Famous Romantic Love Poems
      Famous Short Poems
      Famous Short Poems (Mumbai Space)
      Famous Short Poems (Poet Seers)
      Famous Spider Poems
      Famous Wedding Poems
      Greatest Poems
      If Music be the Food of Love Let's Eat
      Istanbul in Famous Poems
      Poems of Quotes
      Poem Poets Poems Poetry
      Poetry Foundation
      Quotes and Poems
      Reader Online
      Short Stories: Famous Poems
      Top 40 Poems at American Poems
      Use Famous Love Poem
      Walgett Shire Council
      World E-Scan 

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     Able Muse
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     Albatross Poetry Journal
     ALR Poetry
     Amazingly Bad Poetry Journal
     American Literary Review
     American Poetry Review
     American Scholar
     Ancient Heart Magazine
     Andy Skitt
     Angelic Dynamo
     Arabesques Cultures & Dialogue
     Arras: New Media Poetry and Poetics
     Artful Dodge
     Arts & Letters
     Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks
     Augustus Young
     Autumn Leaves
     Baltimore Review
     Banyan Review: Literary Journal
     Bellevue Literary Review
     Bellingham Review
     Best Scottish Poems 2008
     Big Bridge
     Birmingham Poetry Review
     Bitter Oleander Press
     Blue Fog Journal
     Blue Jew Yorker
     Born Magazine
     Boston Review
     C/Oasis: Writing for the Connected World
     Caffeine Destiny
     Caketrain: Check-In
     Central California Poetry Journal
     Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
     Cherry Bleeds
     Christian Poetry
     Chrys Salt
     Cimarron Review
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     Clueless Collective?s Magazine of Poetica
     Coconut Fourteen
     Cold Mountain Review
     Cortland Review
     Cricket Online Review
     Culture Port
     Dark Planet
     Default Publishing
     Del Sol Review
     Deluxe Rubber Chicken
     Divan - Online Poetry
     DMQ Review / Autumn 2008
     Dove Cottage, Wordsworth Museum & Art Gallery
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     Essence Glasgow's New Poetry Journal
     Evergreen Review
     Expatriate Literary Circle Magazine
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     Fire Poetry Magazine
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     Forgotten Ground Regained
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     Gerry Cambridge: Aves
     Glasgow Review
     God Particle
     Grade 5 Poetry Journal
     Granta Magazine
     Greensilk Journal-2005-2008
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     Haggard And Halloo
     Harpur Palate
     Hartnell College
     Harvard Review
     Hayden's Ferry Review
     Horizon Review
     Hudson Review
     I Am My Own Orange County
     I Love Poetry
     ILR Magazine
     Image Journal
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     In Posse Review
     Interlude: An Internet Retreat
     Interpreter's House
     Jacket 35
     Jacket Magazine
     JMWW. Winter 2009
     Joseph Robertson: Catalogue of Works
     Journal of Contemporary Poetry & Poetics
     Kritya: Journal of Poetry
     La Petite Zine
     Lighten Up Online
     Likestarlings: Talking in Poems
     Literal Latte
     Literary Salt
     Little Poetry
     London Poetry Systems
     Los Contemporary Poesy & Art
     Mag Beyond Words
     Magma Poetry Online
     Main Channel Voices
     Manhattan Review
     Masque Publishing
     Melic Review
     Milk Magazine
     Minnesota Review
     Mobius, Poetry Magazine
     Modern American Poetry
     Monsoon Magazine
     Moria Poetry Journal
     Mudlark: Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics
     Munyori Literary Journal
     Mystic River Review
     Nota Bene: Bestiary
     Octopus Magazine #11
     Off Course: Literary Journey
     Online Poetry Journal
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     Overland: Culture That Matters
     Paris Review
     Passage Through August
     Pedestal Magazine
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      Short Love Poems (Lovers Quote)
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      Short Love Poems (Poem Lovers)
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      Short Poem (Love the Poem)
      Short Poem, Short Poems and Poetry
      Short Poems
      Short Poems (Love-Poem)
      Short Poems 2006
      Short Rhyming Love Poems
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      Short Valentine Poems
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      Tagore Short Poems
      Three Short Poems
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     International Poetry Museum
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     League of Canadian Poets
     Lemmings Poetry Club
     Mad Poets Society
     New England Poetry Club
     New Jersey Poetry Society, Inc.
     Pen American Center
     Poetry Book Society
     Poetry Center of Chicago
     Poetry Club
     Poetry is Truth
     Poetry Niche Society
     Poetry Out Loud
     Poetry Society
     Poetry Society (India)
     Poetry Society of America
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     Rhyme or Reason Word Design Studio
     Rooftop Poetry Club
     Simon Fraser University
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     SpiralBridge: Writers Guild
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     Whisper From The Heart
     Word is Born: Poets Society
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