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Enormous Goddess 

black egg holds the firmament-

cosmic dust settles 

~Torus                      By: Red Lion

Giant cosmic egg

laid by a Great Mother bird-

none escapes her gaze

-Creatrix (Aluna)

By: Red Lion


Many Demonyms

of varying sorts and kind

all in the same State

sound and silence
space and form
within the mind
all time is born...

Into the shadows
they move beyond our knowing
memories reside...

In the fading mist
The shapes of trees begin to form
Outlines of this world...

This winter moon
Laughs at our fear
Of darkness...

Guerilla fighters

Harass government food drops.

There's no justice here.

Counting in D.G.

My life decisions were wrong

Wheep In the stockroom


Some raps retarded

What the fucks a mazirotti?

Some type of pasta?

Watching Dr phil

My brain cells commit suicide

Corpse found weeks later

Scarecrows out the field

Lost With lion and tinman

Gotta go find them


Those tards are hopeless

The wiz gives them a short bus

It came with helmets

Color stains the sky

Rifts of radiant rainbows

Took too much acid

  • My wife isn't mean
  • And neither is she violent
  • Shes a real sweetheart

I Gave my wife shit

She cracked my head with a brick

Now I know who's boss

Haiku addiction

Can't find my wife she's  missing

Left me months ago

Societies broke

Waiting on the world to change

While I make haiku's

Penguins seem stupid.


living in barren wastelands.


They must be Russian.

Count inventory

These people are all douchebags

Brought an M16

Meth hides in bathroom

I snorted the fattest rail 


Fire brain then seizure

She was round and short

I creampied in her asshole

No longer a virgin

So bored do haiku

Time wastes, cells dying slowly

I need some pussy

Tuesday feels Monday

I need a fuckin 12 gauge

The walls splashed in brain

Tuesday feels Monday

I need a fuckin 12 gauge

The walls splashed in brain

My bad luck shined forth

I quickly achieved orgasm

Self semenized face

Headed off to work.


Nervous, distraught, depressed.


Hope a bus hits me.

random haiku's


Aggressive fucking.

The bookcase fell on them both.

Shakespeare would be proud.



My wheelchair just broke.

I was going way to fast. 



It shakes violently.

And wobbles in the dresser.

I found your dildo.



Testicles are fun.

Unless you get kicked in them.

That fuckin sucks balls



Screams from my basement.

The sounds of a tortured soul.

That bitch needs to die


Beer: the noble drink.

Wake up with a strange woman.

With a large penis



I can't remember.

The right syllable structure.

Needed for haiku's



My hamster is lost.

I asked khaz if he's seen it.

His butt is squeaking



A fat hairy man.

Sitting in his underwear

Staring at the kids






Gap in the stall door.

I can see the old mans eyes.

As i touch myself.


The hot tub bubbles.

Collect around her body.

As it floats face down



Home shopping addict

The hoarder's pile collapses

Rats nest in the corpse




I insert my cock

Into the shop vac nozzle

18 months to heal


Blender accident

Reconstructive surgery

I piss from a hole



She masterbates me

Into her awaiting mouth

Your mother swallows




Nancy's massive queef.

Set off the autistic kids.

That live down the road



The dog stared at her.

As she spread peanut butter.

All over her snatch








My wheelchair just broke.

I was going way to fast. 


We live, fight and die

The fields our path of vengeance

We shall carry on

Marching with loss and heavy hearts

Until home is ours again

Blow the horns and beat the drums

Line up the siege and infantry

We win or we die

Ash, blood, bone burn their city down!

Our purpose is ours 

Our will as strong as our shields

Smash down the city gate

charge headlong into raging battle

Honor to the fallen dead

Push forward never surrender

We trample the field

As the palaces crumble 

smash there defences

As the city falls to rubble



The room keeps spinning

It just keeps spinning and spinning

I'm a wasted mess

Kiss the bottle spin only the bottle

dark mistress of mine

So slowly she sucks my life away

Closer and closer

Headed towards never ending sleep

Its the death of me

This is my final demise

Its the death of me

Sometimes i wonder


What will be here in a couple years


Will our kids be safe?


Will earth just be a massive grave?


Won't lie, I'm worried


The future of us is getting blurry


There's more blood and gore


Men calling their girl bitch or whore


Hate is upon us


If it ends in apocalypse


Hold your family close 


It'll end either way, with a whisper


Or end with a bang




This planet is magic

This universal musical

Beauty in all directions

From grass to aurua Borealis

Little miracles

There's little miracles everywhere

Bison graze the Sudan

Thunder tolls out across the land

Brilliant lightning strikes

Swarming with intelligent life

One of a kind planet

To think, we all take it for granted.




The man with nothing

But yet I have everything

One or the other

Depends on your disposition

Go get your mind right

Sit back and strap in for the ride

 gone without warning

You didn't even enjoy it



Touch of destiny

A magnetism pulls me. 

Leading me along

I'm bound for glory, greatness

Nothing can stop me

Dedicated and ready

I won't fail myself

Crazy world we're in.

They are screaming "end is nigh"

What will be my end?


The fog horn blares on

It's like the clock in the square

To an ocean town

Ships on the ocean

At night, their lights are blinking

Looking like cities

Skirts, Shorts, and Research Reports

     The old adage states that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This is a colorful way of stating how very different males and females are, and one of the first places this can be seen (aside from the obvious physical attributes) is in their learning capabilities. Both Adrienne Rich in her piece Taking Women Students Seriously, and David Brooks in his piece The Gender Gap at School, share the same idea that since boys and girls learn in such different ways, it is not feasible for people to expect children to get the same quality of education in co-ed classrooms. Gender specific classrooms are needed in order for the educational system to adapt, and productively teach male and female students to their greatest potential.

     Studies have shown that male and female brains differentiate themselves very early in a pregnancy, and these differences are from then on permanent. Male brains have a much more developed left hemisphere, the side associated with logical thinking; than the right, or creative, side. They have been shown to respond better to aggressive teaching methods and regimental activities (i.e. these are the assignment parameters and these are the steps you need to follow to accomplish them). Female brains on the other hand, are shown to be more evenly matched in their logical and creative sides and tend to work better when the teaching method incorporates a more fluid approach. As with anything involving both sexes, these studies represent the majority rather than the whole. Nevertheless, these differences appear to be significant enough that the potential for males and females to do better separately, would thus dictate that we try to teach our children in the best manner possible. The only way we can ultimately achieve this, is by tailoring our teaching method to fit their learning strengths.

     A few recent research study items can greatly contribute to how well a person learns. For example, in 1959, Dr. John Corso found that females hear two to four times better than males. Male students may be more apt to daydream or stop listening all together if they cannot properly hear the teacher; while females may find too loud a voice to be a distraction that keeps them from fully grasping what a teacher is talking about. Females are more drawn to fiction, creativity, a greater assortment of colors and are not overly aggressive to authority figures. Males tend towards non-fiction, logic, blacks, grays and blues, and often respond well when pushed by their teachers. An “in your face” type of method is seen as a challenge that the male student can rise to. Author David Brooks also seems to focus on these biological differences in his essay when he analyzes the reading selections each gender invests in, and how those selections later affect them. For support, Brooks uses results from a British research study in which “400 accomplished women” and “500 accomplished men” were asked to name their favorite novels. The results of study showed that the women tended to pick novels describing relationships and that were “a lot better” than the books chosen by the men. According to Brooks, “There are a lot of reasons why the two lists might diverge so starkly. It could be men are insensitive dolts who don’t appreciate subtle human connections and good literature. Or it could be that the part of the brain where men experience negative emotion, the amygdala, is not well connected to the part of the brain where verbal processing happens, whereas the part of the brain where women experience negative emotion, the cerebral cortex, is well connected.” The sarcasm in his tone shows the clear feeling Brooks has regarding this matter. Men are in fact NOT insensitive, but rather uniquely wired. However, it is not these biological differences themselves that are causing males to fall behind in reading; it is society’s constant resistance to accept them. Statistics such as these show just how critical it is that we tailor education to create equal success, and it is imperative that we no longer ignore them! If we look only at the base biological differences between the sexes, we can already see that in order to effectively teach to a co-ed classroom; a teacher would need to demonstrate the same material twice and in two very different fashions, in order to guarantee equal understanding of the lesson. So why are we still trying to teach both sides in the same way, at the same time?

     Some opponents of separate gender studies might simply believe that females are plain inferior to males, and that is why they are unable to learn the same way. For a long time, women have been thought to be lacking in intelligence, too emotional, or too frail; and often referred to as the weaker sex. In Taking Women Students Seriously, we can clearly see this when author Adrienne Rich says, “Harvard’s message to women was an elite mystification: We were, of course, part of Mankind; we were special, achieving women, or we would not have been there; but of course our real goal was to marry – if possible, a Harvard graduate.” However, nowadays women are CEO’s, soldiers, doctors, and politicians. With them serving and excelling in every aspect of modern life, how can we possibly believe that they are in any way inferior? Women do not learn the same way men do simply because they are not men! It is not a matter of better or worse, it is a fundamental difference in the two genders that creates a need for our educational system to adapt. Is it irony that the very people who control our nation’s educational system can’t seem to learn this lesson themselves?

     Arguments can also be made against gender specific classrooms on the basis that they do not prepare the students for the real world where men and women must work and live together, and that men need the co-ed atmosphere in order to learn respect for women early on. However, there are plenty of opportunities for interaction between the sexes outside the classroom; and boys can easily learn to respect girls without having to be around them during class time. This would give boys a chance to learn without having to be a dominant male in the eyes of the girls; and it would give girls a chance to build self-confidence without any interruption from the boys. This lends to a young woman being able to have confidence to give her own opinion proudly, or say no to a boy in a manner that leaves no room for argument. Gender specific classrooms would also mean that females are more likely to explore non-traditional subject areas for girls such as mathematics, computer science, or woodworking. The expansion occurs in gender specific classrooms because they would encourage females to be more daring, without the risk of being demeaned by the males for trying something new. Gender specific classes would create the opportunity for a custom tailored learning environment, in which males and females could thrive and grow to their highest personal potential. A great example of this comes from author Adrienne Rich herself. She attended an all girls school during the 1940’s; a time when women were truly viewed as the weaker sex, and where she was taught by an all female faculty. One or two of the faculty held doctorates; yet due to the Great Depression and the fact that they were women, were forced to take jobs teaching at a secondary school. Most of the rest of the faculty were independent, unmarried woman (qualities that were frowned upon by the society of that time). Through her writing it is clear that Rich’s day to day curriculum was very strict, but ultimately amazing. “We were taken to libraries, art museums, lectures at neighboring universities, set to work on extra research projects, and given extra French or Latin reading.” In the latter of her essay, Rich talks of how she went on to attend Radcliffe where she graduated in 1951. She specifically comments on how in her time there, she never saw a woman at the lecture podium unless they were there to speak on a special topic. Reflecting back to her own teachers at the all-girl school she says, “Although we sometimes felt pushed by them, we held those women in a kind of respect which even then we dimly perceived was not generally accorded to women in the world at large.” Women teaching girls how to be successful women seems to be a great example of what gender specific studies can do.

     While there will always be exceptions to the rule, the studies and the data that has been collected over the years in regards to gender specific teaching, can leave no doubt to its effectiveness. Test scores are higher, discipline issues are lower, and the opportunity to study and be taught by like minded people offers students their best chance at getting a quality education. Young men and women who, by their very biological make up, are predetermined to learn better when being taught to the cognitive strengths of their gender; will be better prepared for the “real world” by learning in gender specific classrooms. The educational system of our current day needs to adapt, in order to productively teach male and female students to their greatest potential. If we are not teaching our children with the absolute best of our abilities, how can we ever expect them to discover theirs?

Stairways to the sky

monuments built for all time-

secrets lie within

-Pyramids                             By: Red Lion

A new age is here

soon our ancestors will land-

many will be awed

- Prepare                             by: Red Lion

5: Moving On With Life

Four years has gone by

I am ready for college

It’s time to move on

4: Prom

Dancing and singing

A time I will not forget

A night of my dreams

3: Worries

Waiting anxiously

Looking at my grade, screaming

Staring at failure

2: Driving

Driving up to school

Radio booming inside

I arrive in style

Subject: High School

1: High School

A step up from now

It’s a whole new world, new time

Full endless freedom

Eyes of the Jungle

spots that camouflage movement-

 rarely seen, but heard

-Jaguar                                       By:Red Lion 

Emerald plumage

voice of the Mayan forest-

a tail like serpents

-Quetzal                          By:Red Lion 

Water rises high

oceans drift above our heads-

then returns as rain

-Clouds                                 By:Red Lion

night noise
train whistles blowing
mournfully into the night
where are they going?

Listless, grey-brown sky

Purgatory hills beckon

souls and dust to lie 

Blind in the morning

and yet, heard by the evening

In me the edge grows

I learned to shut up 

because no one wants to hear

the truth from a child

So much space out there

we can't be the only ones -

our blood is there blood

- Aliens

Plant of the Two Dogs

from Sirius you were brought -

healer of all ills

- Hemp              by: Red Lion

Time that is frozen

golden tears adorn the shore -

like suns in the sand

- Amber                      by:Red Lion 

Clutching loved one’s corpse
As the moon hangs in the sky,
A failed Shinobi.


A rose petal falls
Sitting with Cherry Blossoms,
I find myself lost


With tails swayed by wind,
The fox dances in shadow
singing a dead song.


Sorrowful Ronin
with sword bathed in brothers blood,
man bound by honor.


              pardon my river

you must pay the toll as the

             fern & fauna devour

Happy green delight

Laughter giggles through the night

Chinese eyes so tight

Applause washing down

On the tin roof of my house

Rainstorm lullaby

Beach meets setting sun

Passions kiss melds the couple

Is love eternal 

8/10/13 JIR

Stars in sky so bright

Fireball streaks across sky 

Load crash hole in ground 

8/10/13 JIR

Red buds open blooms

Roses beauty swirls in love

Dry pedals makes wine

8/10/13 JIR

gray hair old and wise

dreams of sun with moon in flight

young bird fly from nest 

8/10/13 JIR

morning frost sparkles 

snow in pot makes hot rice soup 

cold sleep eternal 

8/10/13 JIR

chase mad goat from hut

picks up pants puts on dams goat

all laugh cheering goat 

8/10/13 JIR [ smiles ] 

on water


moon swimming


sky way


++otteri selvakumar

no sun


on sky


clouds catch


++otteri selvakumar

a tree


air way




++otteri selvakumar

night mood


moon not see


dog sounding

++otteri selvakumar

Sweet spring fling departs
Dark clouds, rain and cold descend 
Time to do house work

Early morning sun

sneaks in past the window shade

Whispers wake up now

Pearly waterfall

tumbles in an urban park

Neighbors' lullaby

Mom likes to bake pies

lemon pies without meringue

Dad prefers whipped cream

Is this a Haiku

where you feel seven heartbeats

that softly float by

Though quite worthwhile,

their idiosyncratic

pathways lead to death.

Abandon heaven
fallen angels destroyed
clipped wings shatter

Riveting tides
move with melodic rhythm
matching a heartbeat.

Behind the shadows
stripped from its worldly blanket
naked truth unmasked.

As day becomes night
trees drown - and oceans stand bright
darkness swallows light

Sadness approaches

fear cowers in the corner

afraid of the pain.

a dance of colors

echoes through the river of spring

a bridge of beauty

imprinted in sand

our love stands by crashing waves

like footprints we fade

like a broken watch

          i took her

to the jeweler's

A lovely woman

teaches you to dance again

grab your shoes and go

things made of paper,

like Life: folds, bends and crumples

weighted by it's words

Eight hours spent dreaming

That you were anywhere but

At work in a cube.

I see my friend all down

then i say turn around.


finger-tips tingling

ringing in my ears

a clear vision

but nothing to see

They all stare; 

Blue eyes

Blonde hair

But who am I to care?

Pools of dark red blood
Fill the street that I call home
My puppy is dead. 

the fear in my voice

and the anger in my heart

when I quit my job.

smokey casino

ringing of the slot machines

money lost; and won.

wandering silent

through dusty library stacks

one curious man.

black sabboth rings loud
as a car passes me by
rock and roll lives on

Ocean waves roaring,
Moonlight glimmers on each wave,
Crackling of camp fire.

I smile season change

The fall turns to winter...again 

The sun comes up smile

Still flying

That bird

in Shuttlecock


Chennai, India

Tea Shop

Biscuit friendship

Tailing dog


-Chennai, India

Obscenities flow

out of raging, angry mouths

competing to win.


Passionate desire

Moist, luscious, forest of love

Butterfly flutters

Eagle takes to flight

A snowshoe hare seeks shelter

The circle of life

Lying in her bed

She hungers for his touch

Sultry summer heat

Kenya summer walk

Heavy footfalls approaching

Pride passes by


Winter morning walk

Buster, head on bed, glaring

Oh good, you are up

This cloudy morning--

I wonder: is my shadow

cursing the clouds?

Delicate and bright

the flowering redbud tree:

memories of you.


The river

slowly disappearing--

still no rain

Nature is our life

Nature will always be our soul

Nature forever now

You think my life sucks,

you criticize my choices.

But you're the one drunk.






Angry Birds: 1    Life: 0

How can you sit there

playing Angry Birds all day

while your marriage fails?

Watching my tv

American Idol crowned

another white boy.

Memorial Day:

A national remembrance

too soon forgotten.

Screaming haiku fonts

with glaring colors galore

obscure your message.


So many channels,

All of them shopping networks.

Does Adam Smith smile?


The poems disappear.

The website password is gone.

So FU, Haiku.

new post, if the rain falls and nobody is there, will it be wet?

Away away now Rain leave bring smiles here now Sun shine once again.

"Sorry Sasuke, This is the very last time" He falls to his knees.

One last time for me Open your beautiful eyes Just please let me see

April rain falls down And blossoms arise fresh new and green... Winter is still here.

Beating, help me start Engine of my shattered heart Falling to pieces

Wonderful good Lord

Always watching over me

Peace fills my whole soul


Oh heavenly King

Indeed you are a comforter

protecting me in sleep


Most powerful light

For my human eyes, too bright

sunglasses won't help. 

listen to your heart

and all you'll hear is a beat

try the brain next

like a stone so cold

with expressions statuesque

you work at your desk. 

arresting blue hues

with or without a trial

I'm captivated



Silent Enemy

ignores all, even poetry

as if friends were free



My dear mother

doting unappreciated

until shes gone

Distance is not a

Distance -

That is the

Journey of



Your silence

Is your



Life is

Battle not a



Flirting is just math,

counting up the smiles needed

to win me your heart.

The world falls apart,

and the darkness comes alive.

I miss you. Always.

The sun was shining

On a bright beautiful day

Shining on the earth

just outside churchyard gate, car with flat tire

Love and sorrow are majestic

Releasers of the mind and soul

Held eternal by the living


A sparrow flies graceful

The worm lies unnoticed in the undergrowth

Without the worm, the sparrow cannot soar


Fist hits flesh, blood fills mouth

A broken man yells

This is the greatest moment of his life


The ants are always on the move,

to get the work done

Their strenuous labor is pointless to the rest


Felt by one, not the other

One circle of never ending sorrow

It all goes unnoticed

Today a wren came...

did it see magnolia leaves

fall or redbuds bloom?

Dead Children

The children are dead 

The parents are very sad

The children have died



K n' K Productions

with help from Nani :)


The gun is pointed

At the hostage he has now 

He will die in pain 



K n' K Productions

with help from Nani :)



The city is gone

All of the people have died 

Their blood stains the ground



K n' K Productions

with help from Nani :)


his knife cuts my hand

he sticks the hand in my mouth

all i taste is blood



~K n' K Productions~

with help from Nani :)

The rich gorge on life;

The poor cower and weep, but

Death shatters all crowns.


- jsb


What on earth to do

When head calls heart, and heart calls

Love, and love falters?



Forget all but this:

Empires rust and men decay

But love cannot die.


- jsb

No warmth in the soul

Of the girl borne far away

On Lucifer's wing


- jsb


What I'm up against

Is a challenge to behold

What am I doing?

It's perfect timing

I was just about to leave

Show me what you've got





With soaked hands, you pull,

on string tied to ligament,

distorting my lungs.

And those too

the broken and the heartless

what do they receive 

from this long and tiring journey?

If you could take the troubles 

from my hand

would you take them twice?

                           -Poet Rose

The grass that grows so tall

may never have the joy

of meeting a child to run through it 

in the darkness

I find peace and a pencil;

one is useless

Whisper in my ear,

hold me close in your arms.

Go home to your wife.


Laughter in the room

Wonderful family times

Dogs howling loudly.

Saw her in my sight

Sparkling blue eyes

Flowing dirty blonde

Bubbles being blown

Gracefully through the meadow

Shadows, darkness comes

Sail boats rocking on

Mediterranean Sea

Beautiful girls sing


Traveling through lands

What do wandering winds bring

Sky blue eyes gazing

Honey bees buzzing

Chirping birds pecking seedlings

Clouds shadow above

Sunflower blooming 

Breeze crackling over streams

The sun shines brightly.

People smiling bright

Workers singing all day long

The time goes quickly.

Waiting on the storms

Knowing there will be rainbows
Yin and Yang at dance

when you press backspace

you delete it all

and you can never find it again


how long do we wait

for the time and set date

because of that we hate

to wait for a date

She was here

Anger creates a longer wait on earth

Can you cheat death when you have been chosen?

What is a Dream?


Does a dream come true

when you wish upon a star

or is it false hope?





Hidden in the crowd

the target cannot see us

until it's too late.



The Reaper


Cold and unfeeling

black hooded robes hide his face

before he takes you.



Cold Death


The world is fading

Death's cold embrace grips my soul

pulling me under.





Wings of scorching flame

soaring through the pale blue sky

living inferno.


The cat plots revenge

while the dogs sleep peacefully,

dreaming doggie dreams.

The smoky mirror

stares at me judgmentally

while I raise my glass.




A blank page awaits,

bearing witness to my tears.

While my lover sleeps.

My card game sucks

my poker pal always mucks

now I'm short of bucks

An itch attacks me

bombing me where I can't reach

I raise a white flag


he sees the wind

in his hair

brown cross ceiling

you are not falling on me


blue lily-

a universe twirls

beneath the sky


bassoons have

better lighting

mountain lily

your name sounds

so nice

the skies the limit

a horse rides back

to an hour glass

martial art—

a man splashes paint

on his opponent

broken vessel—

the sound of autumn

in his ears

How the grass

buries the onions--

have they grown?



In bed this night--

the wind and thunder are

bad company


Busy high street swell

In the air cold mist hanging

Trying to fit in


                      Paul N Liburd

Life interesting
yet complicated for us
make it worth while guys

The little cat roars.

Cold winters day feels groovey.

Soft rain drops meowing.

our love at first sight

i see you, you see me once

our dream became one

The moon makes me cry.

My Grandmother loved the night.

We meet every night.


The flower is red
The petals so soft like silk
With the sun it grows

Spot lit windows gleam

Things I want but can’t afford

I look back at me

                      By Paul N Liburd

To love and then lose

Is that really better than

Never having loved?

               By Paul N Liburd

Single autumn leaf

Left behind on baron branch

Season passes by

                    By Paul N Liburd

Today a wren came...

did it see magnolia leaves

fall or redbuds bloom?


The harder I try

The more failure seems to hurt

Fail for not trying

                          By Paul N Liburd

Kansa or Kaw

the people who lived there,

and the wind...always


Lonely in the crowd

Longing to know and be known

Can’t make the first move              

                                 By Paul N Liburd

I’m shadow boxing

Facing cracked bathroom mirror

My worst enemy

                          By Paul N Liburd

On the road--

this dead skunk smelling like

day old coffee.


A friend called today--

In college we  laughed, drank and fought,

today we laughed.


Today the wind...

floating motionlessly

a lone eagle.




In Springtime--

fallen leaves ignore

the blowing wind.


The burning log

oozing sap at the end;

an ant on top



In the garden--

The last bean stalk,

raked and burnt.



This dark day--

does my shadow

curse the clouds?


The warm spring sun--

asparagus sprouts push through

wet garden leaves.


Waiting patiently,

the cherry tree watches

the lilacs bloom.



Not waiting--

the yellow flower opened

this frosty morning.



The early sunrise--

how it turns the hillside pink:

does it shame the snow?



On the beach today

a sandpiper and a whale.

How strange!


This day -- two hawks

defying the spring wind,

chase one another.


The spring sunrise

scares away the dark and cold,

again, I hope.













Two feeding deer

notice and ignore me;

Inside I watch



The Spring robins--

do they know this dirty lump

was my snowman?



love is like a sea

is quiet & fresh in me

love is breath taking

Sticks and stones may hurt

 But nothing hurts more than LIES  

 Always tell the TRUTH


Never stops it grows stronger

     Love is nature too.

We are new to this
We seek your commentary

Grow from our bee's nest



They are Fake people

I'm tired of backstabbers

They are cold-hearted

People are here now

They scare me with their faces

They try to be down

Baconhawks sizzle

in an oven they will roast

good lunch for Laura!







Love is in my heart


happiness is what it means


it brings peace to me


The walls of this house

shelter me from thunder, rain,

and crying souls.





From a chimney

smoke rises and dissappears,

does it measure heaven?



Springtime gardening-

my hoe unearths weeds and worms

and an arrowhead.



This winter night

under a street light,

a cub fox plays.



The sound of bells

trapped by snowflakes

falls to the ground.




Along this path

I find the footprints

of no other.




Trees and branches

Flow so lightly

When will you be here?

under oaktree

a group of ponys

heads and tails

on horizon

snow clouds gather

in silence

forest walk

above the pines

a red kites cry

evening time

the owl gives not one hoot

but two

in sunshine

black cat and her shadow

the same colour

                                                          followers bloom

                                                            bees buzz



                                                       ~~Julia Rose~~

                                                          warming heart

                                                         soul dim cold



                                                      ~Julia Rose~

                                                a lovers happy heart joy

                                       death  a cold embrace bitter alone

                                             star falls lights brightly dim

                                                  ~~Julia Rose~~

searching mother
in the thickening dark:
the tree stands


                                            springs flower fades for summers

                                        summers bloom stands frozen in cold

                                                     warm fire by-by cold


                                                      ~~ Julia Rose~~

                                            sunrays twinkle in dew droplets

                                      rainbows trapped with in there walls

                                                  taste each one an all


                                                   ~~Julia Rose~~


                                              wind roars like lion mad

                                    rain splatters upon soaked ground

                                           wet like sponge in buck


                                               ~~ Julia Rose~~

                                               snow flakes pile cold wet

                                 unscared field blankets of lovely pure white

                                                roaring fire a toast of sake


                                                       ~~JULIA ROSE~~

                                            Thunder clap strike the ground

                                        wind of might trees fall down broke

                                             roof fly off shower in home


                                                    ~~Julia Rose~~


Lives burned through time, has much to persuade us.

If only we could hear and not listen, then perhaps?


What is our coda going to be?  

Are we destined to flow virtually into seething disconnection? 


Is it possible to supplant the anger and hatred of pain and suffering,

with love and compassion for those who are in pain, and suffer?


The people in the world of power’s embrace, distort the universe’s spirit-

inured to the pain and suffering of others.


What is our coda going to be? 

The Sun, not yet set.


DrJoeB55-Unfinished 11-13-10

Dusty buildings turned to dust.

Grieving America’s tears;

the  universe transformed. 


Rain “    “

 “      “    “    “

 “    “


Our world is divided-

Unfortunately; not evenly.



old year gone died away

new year come  too reborn the days

life go on sake toast 


~~Julia Rose~

winter gone pring in bloom

warming  love floats like feathers on wind

new young  play to grow

~~Julia Rose~~

trees of rainbows sunburst skys

harvest moon stocking nuts, meets and fruits 

logs burn cold feet not

~~Julia Rose~~

down path pole in hand

luck of day fish now in pan

warm sake sleep belly full


~~Julia Rose~~

birds fly in-from south

eat too play each summers long days

back south-droppings on shoe


~~Julia Rose~~

eyes a fixed smile twinkles

garden walk thoughtful talk two souls joined

death of body love reborn


~~Julia Rose~~

                                The snow glistens in...

          The sun beautfully shining

      On my snowman



Overdue Summer

Bloody Habanero Sweats

Angry Volcano!


                       Yumi Mountain™


smile flowers


with looking


kiss me...


++otteri selvakumar

sin in to sin


god cry


with sin...


++otteri selvakumar

you love  my body


i love sex...


love is wear..


++otteri selvakumar


crow fly

night time

with black...


                             +++otteri selvakumar

moon swimming on lake

cold night

water play...
+++otteri selvakumar

dog bite


the child cry


with simple play...


++otteri selvakumar

child kiss mother


mother kiss child


with out sex...


++otteri selvakumar

sweet not good


taste with out salt


body bee better...


++otteri selvakumar

Single footpaths

Developing always...

The adjusting mentality!


Though drowned ship

The anchor of deep love...

The oscar film titanic!






In the seas of sorrows

A few sweet happenings...

Like oasis of the deserts!



Lost in slogans

sounds of life and smell

devils workshop




the slow offence--

her first date



Let darkness come oh swift, and heavy

For the Light shines brighter

In Dark then in Day...


Friend. ally, enemy

Truth is far, not near me

shadow fly on earth


on upper


bird fly...

++otteri selvakumar


blind singing


not bad


for beging...


++otteri selvakumar

flag flay

with sky

no wings...

++otteri selvakumar

black dog


with white dog


dash back to back...


++otteri selvakumar

swimming gold fish


on glass water tub


with cry...


++otteri selvakumar

words of prayers

hearts of sin

wear is god...?

++otteri selvakumar

round moon


dog wow owow


sounded  quick...


++ otteri selvakumar

nice cat


play rat


with out dating...


++ otteri selvakumar

sit stand


reduse your stomach


before food...


++otteri selvakumar

dog sitting


open gate


dog bite


** otteri selvakumar

kiss mee




baby face...


** otteriselvakumar


wear is heaven


god search


at google....


* otteri selvakumar

sex was boor


on bed


paly boy told...



budha lough


with out


close the mouth...


** otteriselvakumar

black board


on school


teaching class room...


**otteri selvakumar

Patiently waiting

for the rain to come down now

tears of the heavens

I'm trying Haiku

It's a little hard for me

But I will make it

clings to the body

her wet red saree--

waving wrinkles



tearful prayers

manipulating spirit--

wasted temple



fingers grope

taste of whiskey

moist lips



with scarf on bare back

plucking hibiscus in sun:

Kali worshipper




my birth Buddha--

lucky red



small shoots pop up

fade soon in scorching sun:

life force humming



Big tree flaming fire still standing strong like a wave young boy says it's there by Desi Rafael

Each sun aggravates
sadness moment by moment:
watching lonely street



Sitting cross-legged
the Hutch receptionist
behind the glass



Her shapely figure
in orange blouse and blue jeans
strained at the hips



My thoughts are blaring

inside my head they are there




Sunshine warms the earth

life is active and happy

calm and secure here



Rain clouds dot the sky

purifying the lands vast

inside I watch them



Mirror, mirror...say,

is the life I call my own

mine to claim owning?



Emotions are all

the universal language

life, and expression



Balancing life with

the ever-present notice

of darkness and pain


Lonely sunrise

birds flying away in search

for worms in ash



Angels whisper

when sleepless I look up--

a bad rap



Crop circle symbols

In ancient British meadows

Man or machine made?

Whirlpool Galaxy

-At its core the cross of Christ

His power is seen!


M.J. McGuire

Hadron Collider

Finding the God particle

Beyond the ozone


M.J. McGuire

Stargate openings

To other worlds and places

-So long Milky Way!


M.J. McGuire

Lights 'gainst inky black

The score a million to one

The dipper's on deck


M.J. McGuire

today too

dense smoke in the air--

trapped in cage




Locked between
my bed and quilt
December chill



To the forest

the hunters just leaved

are flying birds


Giorgi Kobakhidze


straining through the trees--

tea in full moon




her pregnant belly

water lily



pierces her daughter's ears

to save from sacrifice

for prosperity



crossing the river

to enter the forest

honey hunters




at sea front, hearing

empty waves



a round moon
rises early this evening--
pale creeper


Jesus loved me first

That I right now could love you

now it is your turn

As I write this poem

I realize you need to know

Jesus gave me life

Still I lie waiting

God- change me, shape me, mold me

let your will be done

Definition Haiku #1 Perambulator Love's spillage on rolling stock Life' final caper

Slow fingers of fog Autumn's blush a tattered quilt The folly of leaves

melting snow
by the burning fire
an untold desire.


*** Priyanka Bhowmick

rain arrives
with intense shower
peacocks dance with bliss.


*** Priyanka Bhowmick

Looking through the rain

after so much violence

we named it Peace Park

dedicated to healing

may all beings awaken



the year ends with the long tail of a squirrel's shadow

end of autumn

the dog's bark whitens

money isn’t all

it just happens to be most

majority rules

invisible feet

rustling through the tall grasses--

     approaching summer

hollow in the sand--

my son transfers the blue sea

     with his tiny hands

in the thunder storm--

   my daughter's favorite doll

      trembles in her arms

mouse deer chewing grass-

soundlessly the dew drops break

     underneath hits hooves

man lands on the moon-

   from the heap of withered leaves

      an earthworm crawls out

musical beads falling

gentle refreshing breeze

lovely is Rainy Day



Wind of the full moon..

Enchanted the wanderer..

Has Unveiled itself..

gulls tack on the wind

hovering over turquoise

chopped shining water

little birds race with

each wave, balancing on stick

legs, beach acrobats

summer is the time

for moving music in front

of days' everything

quick clouds and slick sun

in the heart of the summer

slow the long days down

not all the squirrels

play lightly in the forest,

one watches the clouds

swan in the lake

fritters away

from coloured visitors

thirsty summer noon

delves deeper

into my old well

No one ever said

One minute without you is

Equal to a year.

Sheer floes worn thin now

Trout once again bestow

Fathers favorite brook.


The night owls slumbering,

Rummage the rimy gourd patch;

Wily mice.

In this wintered meadow;

Day breaks loudly,

Crow stir from bleak oaks.

First, my own echo

Then my stone's against well's wall

I wish and it plunks!

Snow blows.

Crisp grass.

Crow stir from chattering oaks.

Day breaks loudly!

Feels like I'm floating

Butterflies in my tummy

I think I'm in love

Waiting in the lounge

the only passenger

sandal perfume

Hides behind

a naked tree

the full moon


my nightly woes

no one hears

Sensing sex

in her pink smile--

long talk short

Softness of her lips

and dancing of her tongue

warm wetness

Fingers feel

decaying fireflies

in lamplight


cool wind and sunlight

wrestle with each other

upon my bare skin 


no less stiff they, eye /

growl, lament the bleeding bone /

young brother blaze heart


[I made this on twittermagnets - good fun]

Flowing Water


 The sound of water

A pleasant, relaxing sound

I’ll listen all day

I watch the trees,

their bright clothes are falling off

yet, they still entrance

a deep murky pond

conceals my innermost thoughts

but may overflow

a vague, puzzled life

clinging vines grasp for answers

find none, try again

in spring snowflakes spring
head on in springy spring to
melt like winter dreams

old tree.....

forgotten lovers

carved in bark

winter ending......

some leaves

refuse to fall

Streams are precious

Help me and others conserve

Them to help ourselves.

Sun, sky, cloud, and birds

give me the whole house of things,

and some old nails--words.


Mid afternoon sun

leaves me without a shadow--

spring breaks winter's lock.

At the end of days

Colors follow setting suns

Escaping black night

Sun ball bounces up

in the clear air of morning--

rebounding through me.


soundless screams echo
from the dissonance abyss
touching just nothing

Yellow crocus fights

the melting snow.  And sweeps

winter’s chill from my soul.

Frigid water roars

Over cobbled stones and falls

Foaming, snarling, down.

Yellow leaves surrender

 to the cold.   Swept away.

Courted by the wind.

Her eyes catch mine

A smile therein, and humor.

Another life, unlived….

Laughing cotton clouds
Caress the snow capped mountains.
Bringing Spring's promise.

down the road

bird held in cage

going where?

two stars

one engine

on the road tonight


light slips through

the frames of pane

out there

the puppy yhaps

amoung the pack

lonely lantern

slippers come

and slips into the dark

first cherry blossoms:

three only

to kindle the branch

Devious Winter

most snow in decades

   a week of record flooding

yet two-thirds of norm

Of Permanent Change

life is illusion

   simply crescendos of form

transmuting matter

These Days

Mom and Dad working

   children don't police themselves

the bills are piling up

Haiku's Net

count five seven five

   all seventeen syllables

capturing much life

                 - Calico Jordan

a cat under foot

   dance well around it one must

move this way through life

                             - Calico Jordan

 Nature of the Pond
the pebble must sink
   miraculous splash of life
      our ripples live on

ice blue fire ignites

turning on my engine light

warning of hot times!

She calls out to me,

  but her words pass by too quickly

  in the ever moving wind.