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          Alexander Street Press
          Allen & Unwin
          Penguin Group
          Academic Press
          Anova Books
          Anvil Press Poetry
          Carlton Publishing Group
          Abbeville Publishing Group (Abbeville Press, Inc.)
          Ace Books Online
          AK Press
          Andrews McMeel Publishing
          Applewood Books
          Arcade Publishing
          Arcadia Publishing
          Simon & Schuster
          Australian Literary Management
          Cameron Creswell Agency
          Curtis Brown (Aust) Pty Ltd
          Golvan Arts Management
          Hellenic Writers' Association
          HLA Management Theatrical Agency Australia
          Jenny Darling Associates
          Rolling Seas Promotions Pty Ltd.
          Selwa Anthony Author Management Agency Pty Ltd
          Strictly Literary
          TFS Literary Agency
          The Authors’ Agent
          Wild And Woolley Publishers
          A.Mediation Litteraire
          Agency (London) Ltd
          Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd        
          Ampersand Agency, Ltd.
          Andrew Lownie Literary Agency
          Andrew Mann Ltd
          Annette Green Authors' Agency
          Anthony Sheil
          AP Watt Ltd
          Artellus Limited
          Binnacle Press
          Blake Friedmann Agency Ltd
          Bonnier Group Agency
          Caroline Davidson Literary Agency
          Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Ltd
          Casarotto, Ramsay & Associates
          Celia Catchpole
          Christine Green Authors' Agent
          Cornerstones Literary Consultancy
          Creative Authors Ltd.
          Curtis Brown Literary and Talent Agency
          David Godwin Associates Ltd (DGA)
          David Higham Associates Ltd (DHA)
          Dench Arnold Agency
          Essential Works Limited
          Eunice McMullen Children's Literary Agent Ltd
          Eve White: Literary Agent
          Film Rights Ltd
          Fraser Ross Associates
          Futerman, Rose & Associates
          Gillon Aitken Associates Ltd.
          Graham Maw Christie Literary Agency
          Greene & Heaton Ltd
          Gregory & Company
          Hanbury Agency
          Heather Holden Brown Agency Ltd (HHB)
          Intercontinental Literary Agency (ILA)
          Janet Fillingham Associates
          Jenny Brown Associates
          John Jarrold Literary Agent and Script Doctor
          Jordans Text
          Laura Cecil Literary Agency
          Laurence Fitch Ltd
          Laurence Pollinger Ltd
          LAW Ltd (Lucas Alexander Whitley)
          Limelight Management
          Lisa Richards Agency
          Lorella Belli Literary Agency (LBLA)
          Lucy Luck Associates (LLA)
          Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd (LBA)
          Lutyens and Rubinstein
          Maggie McKernan Agency
          Maggie Noach Literary Agency
          Marjacq Scripts
          Mark Paterson & Associates
          Marsh Agency
          MayerBenham Ltd
          MBA Literary Agents Ltd.
          Merric Davidson Literary Agency
          Mic Cheetham Literary Agency
          Micheline Steinberg Associates
          Mulcahy Conway Associates Ltd
          Nordin Agency
          Peake Associates
          Peter Knight Book Associates
          PFD (Peters, Fraser and Dunlop Ltd)
          Raft Representation
          Redhammer Management Ltd
          Robert Dudley Agency (RDA)
          Rod Hall Agency Ltd.
          Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd
          Rupert Heath Literary Agency
          Sarah Manson Literary Agent
          Sayle Literary Agency
          Sayle Screen Ltd.
          Standen Literary Agency
          Susijn Agency
          Talent Media Group
          Tennyson Agency
          Toby Eady Associates Ltd.
          United Agents
          Viney Agency
          Wade & Doherty Literary Agency
          Watson, Little Ltd.
          Writers Literary Agency
          Wylie Agency (UK) Ltd.
          Zeno Literary Agency Ltd.

          2M Communications Ltd.
          3 Seas Literary Agency
          A.M. Heath & Co. Ltd
          A. Mecke Company, Inc.
          A+B Works
          AAA Books Unlimited
          Aaland Agency
          Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency 
          Abacus Group Literary Agency
          Abrams Artist Agency
          Adams Literary
          Adler & Robin Books Literary Agency
          Agency Group
          Agency For Arabic Literature Raya
          Agent Query
          Ahearn Agency
          Alan Brodie Representation Ltd
          Alicka Pistek Literary Agency
          Alive Communications, Inc.
          Amanda Howard Associates
          Anderson Literary Management, Inc.
          Andrea Brown Literary Agency
          Andrea Hurst & Associates Literary Management
          Anita D. McClellan Associates
          Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, Inc.
          Anne Edelstein Literary Agency
          Anne McDermid & Associates Ltd.
          Anthony Harwood
          Aragi Agency
          Arthouse Talent & Literary
          Artists & Artisans, Inc.
          Atchity Entertainment International, Inc. (AEI)
          August Agency
          Authentic Creations Literary Agency, Inc.
          Avenue A Literary LLC
          Azure Literary Agency
          Baker's Mark Literary Agency
          Barbara Braun Associates, Inc. 
          Barbara J. Zitwer Agency
          Barbara Bova Literary Agency
          Barer Literary, LLC
          Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency, Inc.
          Bennett & West Literary Agency
          Benrey Literary Agency
          Bent Agency
          Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises
          Beverley Slopen Literary Agency
          Bigfish Management
          BigScore Productions, Inc
          Blanche C. Gregory, Inc.
          Bliss Literary Agency International, Inc.
          Bloominghouse Literary
          Blythe Agency
          Bob Mecoy Literary Agency
          Book Cents Literary Agency, LLC
          Book Ends, LLC
          Book Peddlers
          BookBlast Ltd
          Books & Such Literary Agency
          BookStop Literary Agency
          Bradford Literary Agency
          Brick House Literary Agents
          Brown Ink Books, LLC
          Brown Literary Agency
          Browne & Miller Literary Associates 
          Bukowski Agency
          Cambridge Literary
          Campbell Thomson & McLaughlin Ltd
          Capel & Land Ltd
          Caren Johnson Literary Agency
          Carol Mann Agency
          Carol Susan Roth Literary & Creative
          Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency
          Castiglia Literary Agency
          Charles Tolbert, Esquire
          Children's Literary Agency  
          Choate Agency, LLC
          Christopher Little Literary Agency
          Chudney Agency
          Collins Literary Agency
          Cornerstone Literary, Inc.
          Connell Agency
          Cooke Agency
          Craig Nelson Company
          Creative Culture, Inc.
          Creative Media Management
          Creative Trust Inc. an Entertainment and Literary
          Crichton & Associates, Inc
          Croce Agency
          Curtis Brown, Ltd.
          Cypher Agency
          Daniel Literary Group
          Darhansoff, Verrill & Feldman
          Darley Anderson Agency
          Darley Anderson Children's
          Davis Wager Literary Agency
          DeFiore and Company
          Denise Marcil Literary Agency, Inc.
          Denise Shannon Literary Agency, Inc.
          DHS Literary, Inc.
          Diverse Talent Group, Inc.
          Doe Coover Agency
          Donald Maass Literary Agency
          Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, Inc.
          Doyen Literary Services, Inc.
          Dunham Literary, Inc.
          Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency
          Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
          Ebeling and Associates Literary Agency
          Elaine P. English, PLLC
          Elyse Cheney Literary Associates
          Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency
          Emma Sweeney Agency, LLC 
          Epstein Literary Agency
          Evan Marshall Agency
          Fairbank Literary Representation
          Farris Literary Agency, Inc.
          Faye Bender Literary Agency
          Felicity Bryan
          Fielding Agency, LLC
          Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc.
          FinePrint Literary Management, LLC
          Firebrand Literary Agency
          Fish & Richardson P.C.
          Flaming Star Literary Enterprises
          Fletcher & Company
          Fogelman Literary Agency
          Folio Literary Management, LLC.
          Foundry Literary + Media
          Frances Goldin Literary Agency
          Fredrica S. Friedman & Co.
          Fresh Books Literary Agency
          Full Circle Literary, LLC
          Gail Ross Literary Agency
          Garamond Agency
          Georges Borchardt, Inc.
          Gernert Company
          Gersh Agency
          Gislason Agency
          Glenys Bean
          Global Literary Management
          Graybill & English, LLC
          Greyhaus Literary Agency
          Greystone Literary Agency
          Halyard Literary Agency
          Hartline Literary Agency
          Harvey Klinger, Inc.
          Heacock Literary Agency, Inc.
          Helen Heller Agency
          Helen Merrill, Ltd.
          Helen Zimmermann Literary Agency
          Herman Agency
          Hornfischer Literary Management
          Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
          HSW Literary Agency
          Inkwell Management
          Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature
          International Creative Management
          International Literary Arts, LLC
          Irene Goodman Literary Agency
          Irene Webb Literary
          JABberwocky Literary Agency
          James Fitzgerald Agency 
          Jane Chelius Literary Agency
          Jane Rotrosen Agency
          Janis Vallely Authors Group
          Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc.
          Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency, Inc.
          Jeff Herman Agency, LLC
          Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency
          Jennifer Jackson - Literary Agent
          Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, LLC
          JET Literary Associates, Inc
          JetReid Literary Agency
          Joanna Pulcini Literary Management
          Jodie Rhodes Literary Agency
          Jody Rein Books, Inc.
          Joelle Delbourgo Associates Inc.
          John Hawkins and Associates
          Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
          Judy Boals, Inc.
          Karen Gantz Zahler Literary Agency
          Keller Media, Inc.
          Kirchoff/Wohlberg, Inc.
          Kitchen & Hansen Agency
          Kneerim & Williams at Fish & Richardson
          Knight Agency, Inc.
          Kraas Literary Agency
          Krages (Bert P Krages II)
          Krista Goering Literary Agency, LLC
          KT Public Relations & Literary Services
          Langtons International Agency
          Lark Productions
          LaunchBooks Literary Agency
          Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc
          Lazear Agency
          Lennie Literary Agency & Author's Attorney
          Levine Greenburg Literary Agency Inc.
          Linda Chester and Associates Literary
          Linda Chester Literary Agency
          Linda Roghaar Literary Agency LLC
          Lindstrom Literary Management LLC
          Lippincott Massie McQuilkin
          Lisa Ekus Group, LLC 
          Literary Agent
          Literary and Creative Artists, Inc.
          Literary Group International
          Literary Services Inc.
          Literary Works
          Literary Works, LLC
          Litopia Corporation
          Liza Dawson Associates
          LJK Literary Management
          Loretta Barrett Books, Inc. 
          Lowenstein-Morel Associates
          Lowenstein-Yost Associates
          Lukeman Literary Management Ltd.
          Lyons Literary LLC
          MacGregor Literary
          Manus & Associates Literary Agency
          March Tenth Inc.
          Margret McBride Literary Agency 
          Marianne Strong Literary
          Marly Rusoff & Associates
          Martin Literary Management
          Marton Agency, Inc.
          Mary Cunnane Literary Agency
          Max & Co.: A Literary Agency & Social Club
          Max Gartenberg Literary Agency
          McCormick Williams
          McIntosh and Otis, Inc.
          Media Motion International
          Mel Parker Books, LLC
          Mendel Media Group LLC
          Mercedes Ros Literary Agency
          Metropol Literary
          Michael Larsen/Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents
          Michael Meller Literary Agency
          Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency
          Monteiro Rose Agency
          Mortimore Literary Agency
          Movable Type Literary Group
          Muse Literary Management
          Nabu International Literary Agency
          Nashville Agency
          Natasha Kern Literary Agency, Inc.
          Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent
          Ned Leavitt Agency
          Nelson Literary Agency 
          New England Publishing Associates
          Northern Lights Literary Services
          Objective Entertainment
          P.S.Literary Agency
          Pacific NW Literary Associates
          Pam Strickler Author Management
          Paraview Literary Agency
          Park Literary Group LLC Associates, Inc.
          Patricia Moosbrugger Literary Agency
          Paul S. Levine Literary Agent
          Pavilion Literary Management
          Pearson Morris & Belt Literary Management
          Pema Browne Ltd.
          PFD New York
          Pippin Properties
          PMA Literary & Film Management, Inc.
          Progetto Inediti
          Prospect Agency
          Puttick Agency
          Random House Publishing Group
          Redwood Agency
          Reece Halsey Literary Agency
          Reece Halsey North
          Regal Literary Inc.
          Renee Zuckerbrot Literary Agent 
          Richard Curtis Associates
          Richard Henshaw Group  
          Ricia Mainhardt Agency (RMA)
          Rights Factory
          RLR Associates, Ltd.
          Robert Lecker Agency (RLA)
          Robert E. Shepard Agency
          Rosenberg Group 
          Rudy Agency
          Sagalyn Literary Agency
          Salkind Literary Agency
          Salomonsson Agency
          Samuel French, Inc.
          Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
          Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Inc.
          Scott Meredith Literary Agency
          Scott Treimel NY
          Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency, Inc.
          Screenland Literary Associates
          Scribe Agency
          Sebastian Literary Agency
          Secret Agent Man
          Serendipity Literary Agency, LLC.
          Seventh Avenue Literary Agency
          Seymour Agency
          Sheldon Fogelman Agency
          Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc.
          Signature Literary Agency
          Sligo Literary Agency
          Soaring Spirits Literary Agency
          Sobel Weber Associates
          Spectrum Literary Agency
          Steinberg Agency
          Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.
          Sternig & Byrne
          Steve Laube Agency
          Stimola Literary Studio
          Strachan Literary Agency
          Straus Literary Agency
          Stringer Literary Agency LLC
          Strothman Agency, LLC
          Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency, Inc.
          Studio B
          Susan Ann Protter Literary Agent
          Susan L Schulman Publicity
          Susan Rabiner Literary Agency
          Talbot Fortune Agency, LLC
          Talcott Notch Literary Services
          Ted Weinstein Literary Management 
          Tessler Literary Agency, LLC
          Tigert Literary Agency, LLC
          Transatlantic Literary Agency, Inc.
          TriadaUS Literary
          Trident Media Group
          Veltre Company
          Venture Literary, LLC
          Veritas Literary Agency
          Vicky Bijur Literary Agency
          Victoria Sanders & Associates
          Vines Agency, Inc.
          Vigliano Associates
          Virginia Kidd Literary Agency
          Wales Literary Agency, Inc.
          Warwick Associates
          Waterside Productions, Inc.
          Watkins Loomis Agency
          Waxman Literary Agency
          Weed Literary, LLC
          Wendy Sherman Associates, Inc.
          Wendy Weil Agency, Inc.
          West Coast Writers Agency
          Westwood Creative Artists Ltd
          William K Jensen Literary Agency
          William Morris Agency
          Wilson Media
          Wm. Clark Associates
          Wolfson Literary Agency, LLC
          WordServe Literary Agency
          Writers House
          Writers' Representatives
          Wylie Agency
          Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency
          Zack Company, Inc.
          Zachary Shuster Harmsworth