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Thank you for your interest in our link building position.

ABOUT US: HAIKU ( is a new directory of haiku, poetry, literature, books and more.

POSITION: We are looking for a Link Builder to help build inbound links. This is a work from home position. Experience with link building is not required, as long as you are fluent in English and have excellent research skills and writing skills.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Forum posting, blog commenting, directory submissions, and various forms of writing on social media sites such as MySpace, Squidoo, Facebook, Hubpages, Hi5 etc. We are looking for someone who can do their own research, learn quickly, and work with minimal supervision or training.

HOURS: Part time or full time with flexible hours (10-40 hours/wk).

Exceptional writing skills and a passion for online research
Ability to learn all about various site analytical tools
Knowledge of major search engines and web directories
Knowledge of Internet Marketing strategies
Knowledge of the latest social bookmarking services

Experience in site analysis and review
Experience in E-Marketing and/ or Search Engine Optimization
Knowlege of content integration, meta tags and site architecture
Knowledge of web scripting, basic HTML and data collection
Knowledge in Web Design and Development using HTML, XHTML, CSS

Weekly payment through oDesk, Paypal, Xoom, etc.
You will be well paid for each link you create, with additional bonus for high quality links
To demonstrate your skills and ability to follow detailed instructions, please complete the following task:

1. Explore the links that are currently listed on HAIKU.
2. If you haven't installed it on your browser, install the Alexa toolbar
2. Pick 3 links that are currently posted on HAIKU that match these requirements:
    Each link must have an Alexa ranking above 100,000
    Each link must be from a different page of HAIKU
3. For each of these 3 links, briefly research the website and develop a strategy for
    acquiring an inbound link to HAIKU.
4. Summarize this strategy in writing, for all 3 links.
5. Send your 3 link strategies and resume to the email listed below.

If you have previous experience as a link builder, be sure to describe your
relevant skills and experience.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this project. We will carefully
evaluate your application. If we are impressed with the quality of your
work you will be offered employment and can start working immediately.



Anchie Brosas                                                  

Zone # 4 Sto.Cristo St Tabaco City Bicol    Philippines                                                       

Mobile #: +639163881852

Email Address:


·       To promote a high standard of ethics in service and uphold public interest over personal interest.

·       Work with full enthusiasm not only for my benefits for but entire of company as well.

Career Objective:

·       Interested and willing to relate well to other people.

·       Ability to work under minimum supervision and multi-task effectively.

·       Fast learner, with good character record and personality.

·       Willing to undergo Training and handle task efficient and effective.

Work Experience:

Company Name: GEMPHIL TECH INC.                                Sept. 17, 2007-Feb. 12, 2008

Position: Warehouse Clerk

·       More on Receiving and Delivery Product.

·       Checking product the daily incoming and out going product.

·       Incoming and Out going Delivery Receipt (D.R) input to the file record.

·       Daily receiving Product on Production Department all Finished Good Delivery Receipt (FGDR).

·       Daily prepared a Report for the incoming and out going delivery.

·       The monthly Inventory for incoming and out going Product.

·       Delivery the Product on time Schedule.

·       Target the daily needs of delivery Products.

·       Procedure that ensured delivery Product success and profit for the company.

·       Consistent top hitter of monthly Delivery.

·       Coordinated with concerned departments to ensure that required service levels are efficiently met and the delivery the Products are maintained.


Position: SAP ENCODER                                                        Sept. 17, 2007-Feb. 12, 2008

·       Input the daily incoming and out going Files on SAP.

·       Cooperate the other SAP encoder of the customers of the Product in the other company to checking the transact on the SAP that the input Products are correct.

·       Input the daily target of SAP.

·       Checking the incoming and out going product.

·       Checking the monthly Inventory.

·       Checking the file on SAP of the incoming, out going delivery and the finished good of the Production Department if they met.


Other job history:

Company Name: People Support                                              March 2008

Position: Call Center Agent


Company Name: SMSGT (Globe Tech.)                                                          July 2008

Position: Test Personnel’s for Globe Project

Personal Profile:

Birth Date                                             : April 28, 1988

Birth Place                                            : Tondo, Manila

Age                                                      : 20 year’s old

Height                                                  : 5’3” ½

Gender                                     : Female

Citizenship                                            : Filipino

Religion                                                : Roman Catholic

Mother’s Name                                    : Merche Brosas

Occupation                                           : Fruit’s and Vegetable Vendor

Father’s Name                         : Antonio Brosas

Occupation                                           : Fruit’s and Vegetable Vendor

Language/Dialect                                  : English, Tagalog and Bicol

Educational Attainment:

College                                     : Polytechnic Institute of Tabaco

                                                                        Panal Tabaco City

Course                                                 : Associate in Computer Technology and Computer Science

Yr Attended                                         : 2006-2008


Secondary                                            : San Lorenzo National High School

                                                                        San Lorenzo Tabaco City

Yr Attended                                         : 2001-2005


Primary                                                : F.V.R Elementary School

                                                                        F.V.R Village, Norzagaray Bulacan

Yr Attended                                         : 1995-2001


Special Skills:

·       Computer savvy: Proficient in Microsoft Office Application

·       Typing

·       Encoder

·       Competent in public relations, Customer care and sales.

Training Attended:


South Luzon Technology College


Legazpi City Bicol

Seminar Attended:


Informatics Institute of Tabaco


Ziga Eve. Tabaco City Bicol

Character Reference:


Elpidio Parian Jr.

City Police of Tabaco

Sto. Cristo St. Tabaco City


Milagros Burac

Barangay Official

Sto.Cristo St. Tabaco City


Marcos Edgar Borcelis

Call Center Agent of Teleperformance

Paranaque Manila









I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.








                                                                                                     Anchie D. Brosas

                                                                             Applicant’s Signature