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Like Haiku, 
Should be Concise.

Our work world is changing. Freelancing is happening everywhere now. Yet finding a highly qualified candidate can still be a challenge.

Current marketplaces often provide inadequate help throughout the hiring process. Employers waste precious time manually sifting through too many low quality applications, algorithms too often lead to mismatches, and work contracts are frequently cumbersome to manage.

Haiku aims to change this, providing an efficient, intelligently designed marketplace where all of us can achieve more in less time. 

The Zen of Talent

Haiku has been created by an international collective of artists, designers, engineers and writers. As with haiku poetry, Haiku is inspired by the principles of Zen. In accord with these principles, our design attempts to integrate minimalism, flexibility, beauty, and intuitive functionality. As we prepare for our upcoming launch, we welcome your ideas and feedback!


Our Team

Here at Haiku, our team members live in various cities across Bhutan, Bolivia, India, the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine. As we build our new company, we work together across more time zones than you can count with both your hands. We not only truly believe it is possible to WORK FROM ANYWHERE, we do it every day. 

When you post your project info with us, we will connect your project to the most relevant professionals in our global talent community. You will be offering your valuable opportunity to our freelancers. We will ensure that you receive multiple, highly qualified applicants at no cost. That’s a fair exchange! 

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